Joan of Arcadia Blog

I hate being reminded of my gym days.

I think I’m coming to realize I’m better off without my supressed memories.

I like Joan of Arcadia on the whole. I’m watching it now, and trying to have something profound to say about it during the commercials. The act of writing it down in this case, seems to have had the reverse effect, and stifled my creative conspiracy theories about how TV is used as a tool to train us.

TV doesn’t reflect society. It guides it. Without church, TV is what tells us how to live. When TV can use religion, it’s a double whammy. There is no better example of a parent saying; “because I said so” as their reason – than to look to a God. Ultimate “because I said so” with no reason, and no explanation and no justification. No lawyers.

Just because I said so.

err… because He said so. Capital H.

I like the big picture idea behind Joan of Arcadia. At least in my way of seeing it. The idea that one man can cause change. Every action has ripples. Change can come in subtle ways.

I have a theory in other writing where a God exists, and all he can do is change things. He’s been changing things since evolution began.

Lets assume for just a moment that Joan of Arcadia were true, and that 30 or so different strangers have spoken to Joan as God. The show doesn’t ever show these people vanish, and it has shown us they frequently use the same people over and over, so lets assume that each of these people continue to exist, and live a normal life as individuals. WHen they’re not talking to Joan, they live normal lives, but each morning, they get a list of people to speak with, and what to say. It’s a job.

So we can expand to believe that there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of people spreading the word of God to strangers everywhere, causing ripples and running the world. At least in a direction.

Oh wait, is that what priests do now?

I am not afraid to admit that I cry during every episode of Joan of Arcadia. This week, I’m writing a blog instead of paying 100% attention. It’s a powerful episode when the main characters cry. My emotion is always reactive.

Well, the distraction failed, and I teared.

I need a comedy now. I love my PVR.