Smoking is still cool. Tv Tells me so daily.

I was watching this week’s episode of LAS VEGAS just now. I just saw sweet Mary, who they’re hardening up this season, smoking.

Her ex boyfriend, she show’s white hunk said it was ok, because she was stressed.

I call the age card again, and start rambling like the grey haired father figure I made fun of when I wasn’t one of them.

TV is still teaching us it’s OK to smoke, and I believe somebody is behind it, on purpose.

Remembering a movie called WAG THE DOG, I wondered how the smart people would pull it off. They WAG THE DOG. It’s an old trick. Change the news.

Britney Spears had to shave her head to get the news to shut up about Anna Nicole Smith.

We’ve heard a lot about product placements again in history. Commercials in the show, as some would describe. When done right, they make a show more believable, because no kid ever asked for a Cola. Kleenex and Hoover and windbreaker and elevator are all brand names we use in life like the product name. TV’s just letting characters use brand names.

But when they up it a notch, and start talking like commercials, then we notice, and lose realty for a moment. The Zeppelin.

MAD TV has the most obvious product placement sketches among the shows I watch. I havn’t decided whether they do it so blatent it’s part of the joke, or whether they’re just whores for free Yaris 4 doors for the staff.

I’d like mine in orange. The frequent mentions of Yaris wouldn’t be so bad, because I sincerly believe Yaris owners probably do refer to it by name. Some cars you call cars, and some you call Keep, or Caddy or Corvette or Yaris.

The odd part is when MAD TV starts spewing about it’s luxury features like they mixed up their cue cards with a dealer brochure. I know more about Yaris than I needed to.

I’m thinking of buying one. How did that happen?

But back to the topic I started with… TV has shown me it’s a good idea to have some ciggarettes in my pocket or purse, or under my t shirt sleeve if I were to be so inclined to choose that atire. They’re still bad, but everybody lets you smoke when bad things are happening to you. Then it’s OK.

I wonder what the executive meeting with the writers was all about. Studio 60 has taught me that anybody can talk to anybody about anything in the real world. Did anybody try for ciagette use by the main characters in a positive situation was the opening bid, and this was what everyone settled on.

The ciagette lobby has always accepted that brand recognition and publicty are not always related. In the brand recogniotion game, no publicty is bad publicty, and such, maketing does care about image… it just cares you know it’s name.

People buy brands they know are big. If you smoke to fit in, you don’t buy independant brands. You buy what everybody else buys.

We know, through pop culture axioms, coke is #1 and Pepsi is #2. We know McDonalds beats Burger King. We do not however hear so much about who’s #1 in smokes. But you can believe they do. Then again, maybe it’s as obvious as Coke, but I just am out of the loop. I never smoked.

Not cigarettes anyway, he said with a TV style wink. A drum roll was noticable absent.

I need a drumroll and a rim shot on a button. My life would be better with a laughtrack. I am often the punchline guy.


The summary closing, that cigarette companies could have started paying or rewarding in some way, writers for including references to smoking again. Pop cul;ture needs to be smoking on TV.

On the one hand, it would be more realistic. Successful “Hot” men and women in the real world do smoke. So do many of the less-hot people in everyday life, although on TV, less of them smoke. The lower class always smoke on TV.

In order to lessen the complaints of the vocal few who love to complain. Give them a one two punch, although that is a horrible anaolgy for this.

West Wing taught me the technique. Use the news. Hide stories behind big stories.

Oh look, A Zeppelin.


Survivor controls it’s Universe

Reality shows are not reality. That’s not a new statement by any means. However, it’s neat to see how a network or producer can make good TV, and stay within the confines of what they call reality. They don’t script things, and they claim to not change the outcome, but they can change the rules.

A food competition for a tribal council challenge with one group that hasn’t eaten in four days or more seems like a bit of an edge. The luxury, full and content team may not be as motivated. They’ve won two or three weeks in a row.

I don’t mind. I like good TV. I’m not even sure how I’d feel if I found out the whole thing was scripted. To me, good TV is more important. I watch Survivor because I believe these are real people, and I’m fscinated at how the interact. I fast forward through the challenges sometimes, and listen to the personal interaction parts.

I love watching people be themselves, and surprise.

I don’t so much need to watch them eat pig snouts.

As it turns out, they didn’t win. The same teams loses again, back to back to back. It changes the game again. Still good TV, but you start to worry. If the underdogs don’t win, you’ll soon be wishing it was scripted.

I’m not saying misery isn’t good TV, it’s just not good TV over and over and over again. There is only so mucg we can watch. The underdog should rise. That’s what we expect. We won’t like reality TV if it seem to unreal.

The editors work overtime. I keep watching, season after season.

Star Trek First Contact – with Billy Bob Thorton

I haven’t seen it. I’ve only seen the commercials.

It seems like the new movie The Austronaut Farmer seems like the story of First Contact, the Star Trek movie that tells the history of the first warp flight into outyer space. It almost looks the same. A farmer builds a rocket in his barn.

I wonder what other Star Trek stories I could change and retell. After all, many of those stories are from other stories, and many of those are from the Bible.

Things that go without saying should be said more often, and we need to retell our stories.

It’s Your Fault

Every time I hear somebody on TV hiccup, I wonder if the writers have seen my web site. I have a hiccup cure listed, and for a while, I was #1 on Google. It’s free and easy and works really well for about 80% of the people who try it. It’s lost ground to less successful cures that cost money, because that’s how the Internet works sometimes.

The other source of pride from my web site is my invented childhood game. It’s called IT’S YOUR FAULT and it has a small following of fans who may play it a few times, and then give it up. I do however, sometimes fantasize that it could be a popular game through time.

Today, I saw it played on TV, but characters from a popular prime time network sitcom.

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER played my game today. To be fair, this is a stretch, fabricated by pride in my own mind. They didn’t play my game as much as I dream.

They just wrote an episode by taking a fault, and progressivly, almost in tern, tell detailed stories of how this faul;t could not have occured, if it were not for – followed by passing the blame to somebody else. First, it wasn’t my fault, it was Barney’s fault, because he ran the Boston Marathon. Then it was Marshall’s Fault because he bet Barney he couldn’t do it, and then it was her fault, and then his fault, and then this guy pushing the airport luggage carts.

On an on with no repetition or craziness. They followed all the rules expect they had to actually say what it was that happened, but I forgive artistic licence.

I wonder if they visited my web site.

Pride Beats Shame, hands up!

My Cult Prospect


In the old days, there was one Church, and all was good.

And when I say one, I mean, only one any single person knew about.

The fat started getting hit when we started to travel, and found a people who somehow had grown up with a different answer to the eternal questions of life, the universe, creation and God.

They must be wrong. That’s the only explanation. Our God was the answer.

The problem of course, was that they felt the same way, with all the same justifications. There obviously couldn’t be two creators of the universe, so everybody else is wrong.

Minorities or majorities didn’t matter. Suddenly, armies did.

And by armies, I just mean people told to kill anybody they couldn’t convince.

Suddenly, a lot more people were convinced. The best threats often won.

I don’t have an explanation why they started making a bunch of odd rules to separate themselves more from society, and to make believing so hard. I suspect it had to do with faith and loyalty. If there were no odd rules, how would you know if you were faking. It had to be hard to believe.

I guess.

The problem as I see it, was that they’d spent so much time demanding their answers were the right ones, even themselves were forced to stick with their story, and never admit error. Rules and lifestyles and beliefs that were relevant 2000 years ago were hard to change, without looking foolish.

In most aspects of life, smart people are free and willing to debate topics and collaborate for the best outcome. In religion, the rules were set by God, who is not allowed to make mistakes, so we’re stuck with them.

Seemingly forever.

It gets harder to believe every year.

The wars and killing have stopped for some, at least in my country, but we send people to other countries to help kill those they can’t convert even today.

This system is just wrong, but I can understand a little of how it happened. Power has always, and will always be an addictive draw, even beyond money for some. People need to know answers, or at least we’ve been bred to be curious and wonder. An answer of the creator is a comfort and often a crutch to those people who would prefer any answer, in absence of the answer.

And call it the answer.

We’re not feady for the real answer. In fact, we show that every day as those who believe they know the only true story, kill those who preach their version. If one was true, there would be no way of knowing it anyway.

We need to just accept that we don’t know. We may in fact never be ready to know, however I believe that we can start teaching our youth a different way, and move towards a better universe. Not today, and not maybe for your grandkids even. Most good changes need a lot of stubborn people to die, or at least shut up.

The Americas still make a lot of choices for the world, and they’re apparently 50% conservative. Canada is only conservative for a year or two every generation.

My issue is that I can’t start a new religion. I can’t start a church.


They won’t let me. Just like Microsoft won’t let Mac or Linux catch up. It’s not in their best interest. Churches will crush me.

First step.

Any new religion is a cult. Scary. Stay Away or we’ll mick you in our comedy shows and stand up routines. We’ll black-ball you secretly, even if only in our minds.

Scientology is a startup religion. An idea written by a smart man. A story to pick, and go with it. You don’t need to believe. You just need to say you believe, and follow their silly rules.

It may be a good idea. A church. A community.

All good. Who cares what the story part is. Jesus was a carpenter from a poor family. Space aliens is isn’t any more hard to believe. It’s a different kind of faith. We are allowed to believe what we do not know, or understand, or what logic may tell us to not believe.

The best God stories are a little wacky.

Wait till you hear my Church idea. Not tonight. It’s too good for a blog nobody reads.

Bev Crushers’s Artie Connection.

I don’t know why exactly, but I think of the episode of Star Trek Next Generation, where Beverly Crusher is in her own universe, a lot. I’m not sure the puctiuation on that line.

I have also been thinking of the idea of personal universes for a while.

Tonight, I was watching TV, and the concept of drugs came up.

I merged the ideas together, and decided that Bev Crushers’ shrinking universe was about drugs. My mind made the connection, because I’ve known people involved in various lelevs of drug use, or additction.

Their universe does shrink. The number of people they relate to, shrinks.

Eventually, alone in a ball, your universe may be you alone, and feel cramped.

Nev was confused at first, and accepting, and never once had mud on her face, like the typical TV image of street people.

It was an interesting visual thought, helped by the TV show’s memory.

In one scene, she was humming Lucy and the sky of Diamonds.

Ok, I made that part up.

No Lights Out!

Another thing we didn’t realize changed. In my youth, you could drive without your headlights on. Daytime running lights have been the standard in my country for years. We can’t drive without our headlights one. Up to this point, I’ve always thought about the advantages to having lights on during the day. I’ve even complained that rear lights are not mandatory.

My only complaint of daytime running lights, is that occasionally, it allows idiots to drive at night with no taillights, because they forget to turn their lights on.

Tonight however, while watching a TV show where a car following another had to “sneak” up with her lights on, and I thought; hmmmm… You can’t sneak up on people anymore.

They took away a right, and called it a feature.

Tricked again.

No wonder the Americans have resisted so long.

Non Regional Diction

I heard this just now; Non Regional Diction. It was in the context of a woman trying to break into the man’s world of TV news in the 70’s. It was something she had to practice.

It reminded me of a memory, and a story.

When I ws growing up, the dominant foreign culture around me was British. Of the people my family socialized with, the accent I heard most was English. I enjoyed Monty Python, and The Goodies and others. I could immitate it well.

Where I lived, I used to hear other accents on TV or in movies and think… how is it possible that I live where nobody has accent. How is it that everyone else did, but my town was “normal”.

I used Television and the dictionary as my guide. I sounded like the people on TV, except of course when the TV character had an accent, but that goes without saying. I could identify Boston, New York, Southern, Texan, Carebean and English accents. I could recognise Spanish and French and Russion accents, but when I talked, I sounded accent-less. The way the dictionary meant the words to sound.

I never understood it when Americans told me Canadians said “Aboot” because I always said About. I said it like the TV.

Today, at 43 I understand a little more. I do have an accent on some words, but I grew up with more TV than any other verbal influence, and for the most part, TV has developed a non-regional dialect.

Things that go without saying, should be said more often.

This is my story, RE: Star Trek

My first memory of Star Trek is sitting on the yellow plush carpet of my next door neighbours house at 6pm, watching Kirk, Spock, Bones and the gang. I think I remember it was a Song Trinatron, maybe the one with the square pixels, although that may be a random memory from somwhere else.

I went to a creation con in Buffalo with some friends. Over the years, I went to several. I remember seeing Sulu, Crusher, Troy and I think I saw some others too. Creation stopped coming around or I stopped looking. I’ve been to the Toronto Trek once, but didn’t go in.

I remember the oopla with the permier of Next Generation.

I saw the last episode of it on the big screen at the Skydome in Toronto. At the time, it was the largest Jumbotron in the world.

I have seen every episode of Star Trek, and know to call it TOS. (The original series)
I know all the actor names, the character names. I’ve seen all the movies several times, many I saw at the theatres on opening day. All up to #6 I think.

I have seen every episode of Next Generation many times. I know some character names, a few planet names, and can quote many story lines, and bits. I watched every one live during the first run, and watched them every day for years.

I have seen every episode of Deep Space Nine, Voyager and almost every episode of Enterprise. I still watch them in reruns when they’re on.

Like most, I tend to like the even numbered films, but not out of loyalty to the curse or princiuple.

I couldn’t care less if you c all me a Trekkie or Trekker. I have seen both the Trekkies films, and more ABOUT TREK documentaries than most.

I like to feel proud that I understand Trek on multiople levels, and enjoy the characters as well as the stories, and understand what they’re trying to say.

I have fours books, and one DVD. I own a couple of freely donated action figures and a lego-like Spock, all of which I aquired free from the Internet’s Free-Cycle concept.

I guess I’m more than a medium fan.

What I do not do, is try to recruit others.
I don’t dress up.
I don’t know all the episode names or freakish trivia.
I wouldn’t win any contests.
I know people on the other side of the superfan line.


I had an idea while watching TV again. I’m glad I have a PVR so I can pause, and write.

My idea was for a new kind of social web site / blog site.

I understand that a lot of creative people, lack the kind of creativity to write, simply because they think they can’t, because when they try, they have no topic, or no goal. They can’t just start writing like I do.

The THIS IS ME web site, woud have been this:

EVery Day, the SITE asks a new question, and globally, everyone writes a reply.

All the questions are about you, with a specifgic aspect of life to answer.


Tell me your story, with regards to Star Trek

Tell me your story, with regards to MAGIC, any kind, or all kinds.

Tell me your story, with regards to cub scouts, or girl scouts or any of the other variations of such youth clubs.

Then, the people would tell their story, any way they wished. Hw that particular topic has been reflected in who they are. Perhaps they never watched Star Trek, but could certainly come up with a story about not being a fan. You can’t live in today’s society and totally ignore the Star Trek world, even if you thgink the nerds are crazy.

The idea being is that you could read the answers that interested you, and learn more about people in the areas that you care about. Selective in a way unlike jujst reading Blogs and personals bios.

Conversation starters built in, and would be a newer, better way to interact. For many in life, the ice breaker, first impression, opening line is a terror. Any way that helps two potenmtial friends or partners or contacts say Hello, is a winner these days. The future will meet online and make better couples. The people that don’t agree just have to die first.

CONCEPT: The future changes when those who don’t want it to die.

TSHIRT: Wouldn’t it be cool if you could tell who was 420 Friendly, just by reading their T Shirt.

That’d be cool.

Other idea re-hash: Pimp My Friend… or; HAVE YOU MET…

I like the idea of best friends on personals. Some sites do that now, unofficially. Best Friends can talk to Best Friends… but what if best friends got to help on dating selection.

Oh look, A zeppelin. I should unpause my show and continue watching.


I am a medium Star Trek fan.