USA vs Canada

I’m a Canadian, and watch mostly Canadian TV channels. This has changed since I was a kid, when the Buffalo New York channels were a major part of my day. Today, almost everything I want to watch is available on a TV channel with Canadian commercials. With the exception of A&E and TLC, I don’t really see American TV ads anymore.

I have mostly negative memories of watch US prime time and seeing mostly debt and sickness and personal injury lawyer ads. Mostly fear based advertising.

That too may have changed since I was younger.

Tonight, I watched MOCKINGBIRD LANE on an American TV channel, and saw American prime time advertising again.

The first thing that caught my attention was actually the Honda Commercials. In the USA, Honda is represented as a light blue colored logo. The Honda stores and advertising are blue, and it just looks so weird.

Honda isn’t blue. It’s red.


It disturbed me.  Then I realized this was the first difference that I noticed.  All the other commercials seemed familiar.

I guess Canada and the US are more alike…

Belief vs Truth

Weather you believe in something or not, doesn’t affect whether not it is true. Things can exist, regardless of whether or not you believe they do. You could not believe in God, but still pray to one when in need.

My belief isn’t the answer. My belief is personal, and irrelevant to facts.

I do not believe any of the existing theories of God is true, and yet I do not deny the possibility that an intelligence may exist beyond our known understanding. I do not believe in God, but I do not Deny a God may exist.

I do not believe praying has any value, and yet I may think a prayer from time to time, because I am smart enough to know that I know nothing about what I do not know.

The universe only has rules because we believe it does. All of existence is in the stories we’ve been told. The parts of the Universe we have not yet learned, or have not been told don’t have to confirm to our beliefs. The laws of the Universe are based on our belief, and may not actually be facts.  Theory is only factual, till it’s dis-proven by other facts. We’re all learning as we go.

Humans can see patterns in almost anything, from the groups of stars we named after gods, to the stucco on our ceilings, to dunes in the sand. We see patterns in people and animals and life. We create our own familiarity and facts.

It is logical to see science as truth and fact, and believe it, but we reveal more about the unknown universe every year.  Tomorrow we could learn our universe is in a water drop sitting on an elephant’s ear.

I don’t believe we will, but that doesn’t matter.

We do not know, what we do not know. We just fake it till then.

Accessorize for a smile

T Shirts are great if they fulfill three uses.

  1. Provide a smile
  2. Reflect your style or opinion without words
  3. Starts a conversation.

The best T shirts start conversations. They come with a story, or they create a story.

A good T Shirt allow you to break the ice with a smile and a generic “IN” to a conversation with a friend or stranger.  It shows us a bit of your personality, and maybe a common interest to use as a starting point for a conversation.

star-wars-t-shirts-46-2-282x300Many people need an opening line, and carrying one on your chest is great.

Even if you don’t wear a T-Shirt, your clothing can start a conversation. As far as I can tell, the best purpose for a tie, is to allow people to say; “Nice Tie”. It’s an opening which you can use to leap the conversation to anything you desire.

Tonight I realized, that it’s not just T Shirts that serve this purpose.  Anything and everything you choose to wear serves the same function.  Jewelry, piercings, tattoos are just a different version of the T shirt.  What we wear allows everyone we see, the opportunity to “judge a book by it’s cover”. To see us, and get a first impression, guided by our accessories and clothing.

This is not to ignore the fact that these items may also be attractive or add beauty to your appearance. Fashion accessories or personal grooming or body art can all be nice to look at, but I believe their prime function isn’t to look at, but to comment on.

Wearing something different every day offers us a new opening each day. Instead of an awkward; ”you look pretty again today” every time we meet, instead, I can compliment your choice of accessories or clothing.

Society likes conversation. We often feel uncomfortable in the silence, and look for a new conversation. In a long elevator ride, people often resort to weather, which is a natural thing we all share, and changes constantly. Talking about the weather serves no purpose however, and doesn’t make anybody happy. It just breaks the silence. Utility conversation.

Complimenting people on their fashion sense or choices does.  It can make both sides happy. It can create a chain reaction of smiles and happiness.

Thank you for piercing your nose. It allows me to talk to you. I can easily say; “Cool Nose Ring” and the conversation has begun – painlessly.

My T Shirt would say; “YOU START. I’LL REACT”