Accessorize for a smile

T Shirts are great if they fulfill three uses.

  1. Provide a smile
  2. Reflect your style or opinion without words
  3. Starts a conversation.

The best T shirts start conversations. They come with a story, or they create a story.

A good T Shirt allow you to break the ice with a smile and a generic “IN” to a conversation with a friend or stranger.  It shows us a bit of your personality, and maybe a common interest to use as a starting point for a conversation.

star-wars-t-shirts-46-2-282x300Many people need an opening line, and carrying one on your chest is great.

Even if you don’t wear a T-Shirt, your clothing can start a conversation. As far as I can tell, the best purpose for a tie, is to allow people to say; “Nice Tie”. It’s an opening which you can use to leap the conversation to anything you desire.

Tonight I realized, that it’s not just T Shirts that serve this purpose.  Anything and everything you choose to wear serves the same function.  Jewelry, piercings, tattoos are just a different version of the T shirt.  What we wear allows everyone we see, the opportunity to “judge a book by it’s cover”. To see us, and get a first impression, guided by our accessories and clothing.

This is not to ignore the fact that these items may also be attractive or add beauty to your appearance. Fashion accessories or personal grooming or body art can all be nice to look at, but I believe their prime function isn’t to look at, but to comment on.

Wearing something different every day offers us a new opening each day. Instead of an awkward; ”you look pretty again today” every time we meet, instead, I can compliment your choice of accessories or clothing.

Society likes conversation. We often feel uncomfortable in the silence, and look for a new conversation. In a long elevator ride, people often resort to weather, which is a natural thing we all share, and changes constantly. Talking about the weather serves no purpose however, and doesn’t make anybody happy. It just breaks the silence. Utility conversation.

Complimenting people on their fashion sense or choices does.  It can make both sides happy. It can create a chain reaction of smiles and happiness.

Thank you for piercing your nose. It allows me to talk to you. I can easily say; “Cool Nose Ring” and the conversation has begun – painlessly.

My T Shirt would say; “YOU START. I’LL REACT”

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