Ask yourself whether this is the right moment for humor. (humour)

“Ask yourself whether this is the right moment for humor.”

The Mentalist:

That line made me pause, literally. While watching Kendall Cho, a character on TV’s “The Mentalist”  interrogate a witness.  The witness makes a joke, and that is his reply.  You have to imagine the speedy flat monotone delivery Cho uses to give the line, almost a tribute to Jack Friday.

Recently, I’ve seen some celebrities gaining popularity through live tweeting tv shows and movies.  I watch all my TV via PVR, often weeks later, and my opinions and stories are worthy of more than 140 characters, so I blog here. I’ve been blogging while pausing TV for decades, but never really sharing my thoughts.

While watching this show today, I hit PAUSE  when I heard that line, and wanted to evaluate my reaction more than just a quick 140 character one liner.  I thought tom myself, and now, through the power of the blog, to you;  How would I would react in an interrogation room.

Of course, a lot would depend on whether I was guilty or not.

I know I don’t lie well in a situation like that. I crumble at the first signs of discipline or disapproval, but during straight questions, I believe I would be as light hearted as my nerves would allow. I know for a fact my inside voice would be creating f a lot of funny things to say. In realty, I would probably speak few out loud. Knowing the way my brain works, I would almost certainly filter the wrong ones, and say the wrong thing.

I don’t even have confidence in my own fictional spontaneity.


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