Bev Crushers’s Artie Connection.

I don’t know why exactly, but I think of the episode of Star Trek Next Generation, where Beverly Crusher is in her own universe, a lot. I’m not sure the puctiuation on that line.

I have also been thinking of the idea of personal universes for a while.

Tonight, I was watching TV, and the concept of drugs came up.

I merged the ideas together, and decided that Bev Crushers’ shrinking universe was about drugs. My mind made the connection, because I’ve known people involved in various lelevs of drug use, or additction.

Their universe does shrink. The number of people they relate to, shrinks.

Eventually, alone in a ball, your universe may be you alone, and feel cramped.

Nev was confused at first, and accepting, and never once had mud on her face, like the typical TV image of street people.

It was an interesting visual thought, helped by the TV show’s memory.

In one scene, she was humming Lucy and the sky of Diamonds.

Ok, I made that part up.

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