David Blane told crazy people it’s OK to be crazy.

David Blane just told me it wasn’t my fault I want to kill myself, and I can’t help being a Daredevel.

Persoanly, I’m not – so I ignored his advice, but if I was a member of this “Jackass” culture of fame via stupoidity where a guiy falling off a roof can be the most watched video of the week, outnumbering the most popular daytime TV shows.

More people watch YouTube than The West Wing.

David Blane just told a whole generation of attention craved video editors, that taking crazy risks is cool. Chicks love being barried alive.

This may not have been the words he used, but he did stand there and Evil Kenevil said the words. People like you (meaning Blane) and I can’t help it.

Impressionable Youth.

Cool is cool. Bad is bad.

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