Voice credits before the movies? Let me ponder.

I was just about to watch a DVD of Over the Hedge, when I was inspired to press PAUSE and take note.

The movie is animated, but for the first time that I noticed, the voice actors are listed up front, like a regular movie.

It took me back at first.

I was impressed with some of the big names, and every name on screen as familiar.

AT first, I had to decide if I liked it.

On the one hand, I can see myself waiting in anticipation to see who William Shatner voices… or Avril Levine.

But then I remembered that enjoyment I get out of figuiring out who a voice actor is. It’s half of what I enjoy about these movies. It’s my A.D.D sub plot that keeps both of my attentions on the same goals.

I will now unpause, and see how it effects my enjoytment of the film.


I think I like the remedial version of my game. I still get to delight in figuring out voices, I just have a preset list to choose from.

It makes it easier

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