Last Comic Standing

I liked Dat Phan. I’m surprised. I was ready to hate him in advance from 4 years ago. Wow. I can hold a grudge. But I’m pleased both in him, and my willingness to forgive, he impressed me.

I think he should have ended with the MySPace William Hung punchline, but overall I think he did a good solid, experiences set. Four years of comedy travel and experience better.

What’s with Anthonly Clarke. He looked like a winner of “Who wants to host a show” amateur audition quality. The third judge who we’re supposed to hate would have scredded him for his nervousness and fumbled lines. I counted 4 by the second side show— err, I mean commedian.

Maybe he’s being bad to make Jay Moore look good. I never thought he was great, but next to Anthony Clarke, Jay should win awards.

I guess making it look easy is never as easy as it looks.

I would have liked to see a few others from early Seasons 1 and 2.

I really liked John Hefron. He did some old stuff, but it was friendly familiar. An old friend, happily remembered… like why you used to go see Seinfeld. You knew the act, but it was still watching.

Fans hate the new songs at a rock concert. They’re just a duty.

Hefron introduced a new bit about wetting himself when he put “it” away after every pee. He took great effort to say it family friendly, and the whole routine made me laugh with recognition and respect.

I do that.

A comic lives for the “I DO THAT” Applause. The inside joke, brought to life with success.

His routine was probably funny to the others who don’t wet themselves when the pee too. That’s good.

Here in Canada, the CH channel played commercials FOR THE SHOW YOU’RE WATCHING during the show. That always cracks me up when that happens.

I always think of my own commercial ideas at that point. They should sell me the “throw-away” spots during prime time.

Hehehe… Probably just a coincidence, but they showed the fat white women when the black comic came out. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence.

Alonzo Boden went the political route, coming out against the sub-president.. like that is OK. He’s not against Bush. Shot in the face jokes are old… 4 or 5 months old. John Hefron brought game. Dat Fan stepped it up. Alonzo was stable as I remember him.

He challenged the world, kids today vs… old stuff. I’m surprised he didn’t mention lawn darts.

He wasn’t bad in any way. He is a seasoned commedian, but he didn’t wow me. He made me laugh, but I praised the others more deeply.

I liked his line; I already won… Nobody’s voting for me.

The Jay Moore introduction seemed like a lost bet. The President, whoi has no presence for TV came out and almost apologized and kissed butt.

It seemed like part of some deal.

Ethnics didn’t laugh when he made fun of the way they name their children. Cameras showed us some ethnics not laughing. That made me laugh. Payback is a bitch when you’re an asshole – or percieved as one.

His projector routine was familiar and hilarious because of it.

What’s with the JAY MOORE IS GAY addmission on live TV?

Mark the calendar. He came out on live NBC primetime.

I like that he apologized to Brian Adams.
I laiughed anyway, but felt bad.

Another Anthony Clarke fubb. This one he even talked about in case we didn’t notice all the others.

Maybe he’s nervous in front of the King. I always hate performing in front of people I knew.

Ty came out and told us he knows he lost, and he prefers it. Weird moment.

His act was slower than usual, but still professional. He made me laugh, frequently.

Ty got two of the TV’s seven dirty words out live, but obviously bleeped. TV likes swearing and bleeping. It’s a hit it seems. Like a rap song on FM radio that bleeps lyrcics. They’re like a wink wink nudge nudge inside joke. You know what it is supposed to mean, so its almost better than the swear.

I think Ty is better than Josh, but I smile and laugh more at Josh because he’s just a funny human. A worse commedian, but a fun personality.

Comercial Note: Deal of No Deal claims to base the money on a math formula designed to BUY OUT the contestant at the lowest amount.

They really should start lowering the amounts when the board still has lots of big money numbers showing. Going on is higher risk if you know the buy outs are going DOWN, not up. The poeople might give up earlier and the riskers will be more exciting.

Maybe not. Math is an exact science.

Josh isn funny. He’s NOW. It feels more like a conversation with a fun guy than a routine. He makes jokes about our shared history, which was almost my favourite trick. He talks and makes us laugh. It’s practicved and rehersed I’m sure, but it seems like he’s my buuuuuuuudy.

He does it well. Gabrield at a small Vietnemese family. Dat fan’s.

A good laugh.

He can NEVER get the mic back in the stand. IT’s almost a regular bit -a trademark hook.

I don’t know who said it first on TV, but vthis new “STARTS RIGHT NOW” thing is getting a bit tired… but at least use it right. If you say STARTS RIGHT NOW, don’t say Goodnight everybody after it, and don’t throw to a commercial.

Just like LOL has lost all meaning, and a standing ovation isn’t what it used to be, help preserve the STARTS RIGHT NOW for things that START RIGHt NOW (See; Theory of NOW elsewhere)

I may be an old man thinking it was better iun my day, but thats part of life’s cycle.

I’m still deciding if I liike change or not. Give me anotyher 20 years and I’ll hate it.

Just like my daddy, and his daddy and his daddy.


Rigging American Idol.

This may be a literary Taboo. Are we allowed to make fun of AMerican Idol? It is my own idea, just presented as a WHAT IF SCENARIO. I enjoy thinking up situations, and then examining life, looking for signs that it already is that way, and that my faith in the bluff was worthy. Facts change. So I was thinking; how would life be different, if we rigged American Idol. We would have no way of knowing, so lets for the moment, assume it is. Given the way soviety rewards evil, it would almost be hard to believe someboeyd somwehere hasn’t though of this already, and had the guts – or lack of whataver it is that stops me from foing it. That gene or cromosome or brain cell that says it’s worth the risk of getting caught. They have a lower bar. Threshold But that doesn’t stop me from figuring out how they did it. All it takes is an announcement, an agreement, and a whole lot of strange home town falke pride, mixed with America’s need for role models on and off the n ationalk grid. Idol isn’t called Idol by accident. It’s heathly to pick a team. To root. But has American Idol fan worship become the new obcession. Are there star-moms out there organizing phone lists? All it takes is a bullhorn at a fall fair or headline in the local paper. This week, we’re voiting for #3, or #5 Like voting on Big Brother, but national. We all agree on a winner. We pick a pony. Vote as a city. One call center team alone could cheat and sway. This gopt me thinking deeper, and I instantly understood what loby groups were all about. A power with a vote. A “do as I say” card they can play at will. I can imagine a lot of CHICKEN is played calling bluiffs. POker in politics… “You wouldn’t rfeally turn your vote for this?” Democracy of the organized masses is pretty easy and obvious when you thiknk about it as if it were the case. You can see the signs too. I