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America has talent

We’ve proven we like to watch odd people make a living or an art out of being crazy, and talented.

Everyone makes their mark.

I just watched a guy snap his fingers to Wipeout.
I said cool.

David Hasselhoff, Brandi, and they guy we’re going to hate from another country agreed.

The snappist looks foreign, but talks American. I wonder if that just works better for him. People expect off talents from the Europeans.

The Horn guy can make a living at fairs, but he ain’t no finger snapper.

Cruel waited till the second guy. The British dude was over the top mean.

Some people get through KNIWUBG they have no chance. Horn guy is good enough for TV to give him a bio and week 2. It’ll change his life. That’s the cool thing I guess. We may never see people again, but at their end of their life, it’s never the same again.

Of course, this is nothing new, just modern. It’s the 2006 version of THE GONG SHOW, but formulized to the Idol format because it’s hot. Ed sullivan and every other variety show since TV was black and white.

Odd sells, and odd good is mind boggling. I am always amazed at watching odd and spectacular talent. I won’t say I seeked it out, but have seen a fair share, in TV and in person.

People go on this show with no dream of winning. Just the dream of being on TV.

15 minutes of fame is more alive today than ever.

Moses Znimaer knew it years ago. The future of TV is the viewing public as the audience and content, at least a little. 15 seconds on TV is all it can take, to point a life in a new direction.

Bad acts and good acts. Fame can come fast today, because obscure fanship is a great way to create an individual way to stand out. Picking someone to be a fan of is as unique as fashion. IT helps define you. You can be a fan of the regulars… the presets if you will Hollywood creates for the masses, or you can pick you own favourite, and create a myspace page of worship.

If you’re on TV, you can be an underdog to watch… like a stock. Everyone loves to be a fan before the masses. Seinfeld lost some of it;’s charm when EVERYONE loved it. A few of us, remember the days of the Chronicles when only a select few were fans.

I was a Ren and Stimpy fan from episode #1.

If appearances like Sid the Kid, and that 4 boy, boy band are any indication, you know they have web sites and fan pages already. They have fame, at a manageable level.

This black 8 year old memorizes lines well. There is NO WAY it was self written… does that not disqualify him – or her. Oh.. her. Very funny set, but she isn’t writing it.

Good TV. Family demographic and a huge role model to 8 year olds everywhere.

Making singing 8 year olds is so last year.

New hope and a new “way out of the ghetto – or playground” is vital.

The message: being weird CAN be ok and cool.

Why on earth was the juggler given a minute… and then to come back? What the hell? He was horrible. I have seen a mil;lion jugglers, and almost every time, they’re fresh and new and hilarious and awesome.

The only thing I can think of is this: Instantly, when watching this, a million jugglers all acrfoss North America simultaniously said or thought; What the hell? I am better than that”.

The show needs to inspire with hope. You CAN BE BETTER than that… and next season is 3 months away.

Juggling is a logical choice… the gateway talent. Part way between novelty, and art.

I love watching an original juggling act. Right back to Harry Anderson, up to the thousands of nameless artists who have entertauined me over the years.

Juggling… the unknown artist sport

I hope we see some of them on this show.

Anticipation brings me back.

I think this show will get ok reviews. They’ll attack the judges, but the formula format is sound, and the talent is more watchable than music. A much wider fan base that spans the trash to the class. Jerry Spinger fans and West Wing watchers will come together to watch American talent.

Or hope.

Or denial.

All equally fun to watch.

The next act was a very European style act with mini horses. The crowd wanted the gong, but the judges must have had a deal.

It was the kind of show I’d see at Toronto’s Caravan (multi-culture celebration)

The audience booed. Yikes. I know how hard it is to go on a stage and be rejected. Crushing.

Regis saved the spot. I’d love to know he writes his own stuff. I want to believe he does, so I won’t research it.

I’d like to see more of these guys in movies… or on tour.

Talent tours are not freak shows.

Not after tonight, anyway.

I didn’t even want to comment on the male stripper.

I find it hard to believe he actually stripped.
He’ll do well after today.

But I don’t understand why they voted yes. They gonged him.

Next up with have the 14 year old Whitney. This isn’t the venue for her future, but it’ll make her a hit at weddings till somebody else calls to be her agent.

It does show one thing. If American Idol contestants had THAT kind of firt impression, the show would be different. She’s auditioning fully produced… We’ll see her again.

We also got a chance to see the first hint of the judges planned battles. Hasslehof yelled in Brandi’s ear and she seemed upset. We’ll have updates as this progresses.

SOmething about this show seems to produced. It feels more like entertainment than a contest. I wouldn’t be surprised if in 10 years, it’s common knowledge that the first decade of the new milenium was known for the reality TV scam. It never existed. The entire thing was just TV, scripted like everything else.

Or at least some… or most…

It’s all in the percentages.

Ventriliqiists are like jugglers. I love a good original act. I bow to them to be original with an age old concept. THis guy was my new favourite. Funnier than jalepenops on a stick.

I loved him.

In fact, I ALMOST don’t ebleiev it

And then they debate whether he’s through… I’d be floored if he didn’t.

Heheheh… He makes an age joke, and gets points? A “joke” about being old isn’t really point-worthy, especially if you follow it up with pointing it out.

Brandi has voted herself the vote headmaster, so she never has to say No. She gets the others to make the majority. Sneaky.

Next up is an Arnold Impressionist. When I saw these the first time, we were mocking them on Last Comic Standing as the signature impression of hacks.

He is not even funny at a bar.

He is a little crazy. Ed the Sock would destroy him.

Next up was thye kind of act that doesn’t get much call around here. Vegas maybe, but apart from shows like this, balancing is not an oly,mpic sport.

It is cool however. Cirque de Soley might hire him.

I bet he doesn’t speak English anyway, so the comments were lost.

I’m jealous. Ever since I was a kid, balance is the one talent I wish I’d had. I use the word talent intentionally. I didn’t think skill fit. People like this guy have a talent I don’t. The guys who can balance a chair on their chin, or 2 dozen glasses amaze me. I can’t keep a yardstick on my finger for a minute.

I’ve tried.

Every time I have a yardstick in my hand.. or similar objects, I try to balance them, and when they fail, I sigh wishing I could do that.

I don’t know why. IT just always acted as a reminder that we are not all created equal, and who you are has a lot to do with who you were at conception.

In a million years, we’re different species. I just don’t have my tail yet.

But that’s a zeppelin for another day.

When we talk about role models and an option other than crime for a future, team arobit baseketball artists is a sure winner. Globtrotters EXTREME for 2006. That may start a trend as big as snowbording.

CLIPPED! They clipped somnething Britisg Guy said to them about the Globtrotters… he was negative, and they cut it out.

Maybe he mentioned doing well outside the contest, and that seems to be a sad rule none of these shows breaks.

Tiptoe through the nose was rude. Too bad. His purpose was to let Branbdi make her announcement.

He didn’t need to be mean and crazy.
I missed that one. Somebody made the decision.

I don’t usually like to rant about commercials in the middle of a show notes session because you probably didn’t see the same commercioals as I did, but if you say Met Life’s IF commercial, you’ll know how cool it was. I liked it.

I enjoy a good commercial. I don’t even mind SPAM.

I just wish I could trust SPAM, and I can’t. Every messages lies to me. That’s what I hate about SPAM.

If SPAM could be true, I’d be a well hung home owning work at home multi millionaire.

I wanted Betty Victor to be good. Up till the first note, you didn’t know. You want to believe old people are not crazy.

This one is crazy, and not a lovable crazy. Just old and crazy.

Brandi got out of saying No again.

The befant Sisters appear at JUST FOR LAUGHS I think.. or maybe that’s a god act these guys ripped off poorly.

The juggler got booed, despite being better by far than the first bad one. He was a good juggler to watch at a party, but not the kind of original juggler I was talking about above. The kind you stand up for, and still only pay a loonie or two.

I guess they HAD to let him through… to fight and discuss WHY some don’t go through.

Hasselhoff pulls out an UDDER pun when voting no to the dancing cow.

I laughed out loud when the black Gospel singer came out and tried to get the multi-racial audience stand up and gospel dance. White people felt obligated, but they didn’t exactly know what to do… so the camera quickly looked for any group of black people to point at.

I don’t think he’s good looking enough to be a success.

Beyond the change for him and his Church.

But his web site will get some hits.

The next juggler was closer to my expectations.

Lots of people can juggle and impress you, but some are ” a whole nuther level” to quote a Mad TV character.

Two animal acts came and went. Publicity for their zoo show career

In perfect production, the second act justified complaining about the first act. There is pet training, and then wow entertainment with trained pets. #2 goes through, #1 may even have to concede.

I liked the balloon guy. He may not be the winner, but he’s better than the guy at my birthday party.

I don’t think wrappin granny is on that level. She’s impressive, but not over the top we call talent. I don’t like her voice tone. Nobody would buy her CD, even if they laugh at her on stage as a novelty.

I’m also upset that the name Wrappin’ Granny was a long time character from the Howard Stern Show… Not her… the original wrappin granny.

I certainly don’t think she’s what the show is all about. She may be an inspiration for bored grannies, but come on… You wouldn pay to see her.

Well.. that was it… till next week.

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