Belief vs Truth

Weather you believe in something or not, doesn’t affect whether not it is true. Things can exist, regardless of whether or not you believe they do. You could not believe in God, but still pray to one when in need.

My belief isn’t the answer. My belief is personal, and irrelevant to facts.

I do not believe any of the existing theories of God is true, and yet I do not deny the possibility that an intelligence may exist beyond our known understanding. I do not believe in God, but I do not Deny a God may exist.

I do not believe praying has any value, and yet I may think a prayer from time to time, because I am smart enough to know that I know nothing about what I do not know.

The universe only has rules because we believe it does. All of existence is in the stories we’ve been told. The parts of the Universe we have not yet learned, or have not been told don’t have to confirm to our beliefs. The laws of the Universe are based on our belief, and may not actually be facts.  Theory is only factual, till it’s dis-proven by other facts. We’re all learning as we go.

Humans can see patterns in almost anything, from the groups of stars we named after gods, to the stucco on our ceilings, to dunes in the sand. We see patterns in people and animals and life. We create our own familiarity and facts.

It is logical to see science as truth and fact, and believe it, but we reveal more about the unknown universe every year.  Tomorrow we could learn our universe is in a water drop sitting on an elephant’s ear.

I don’t believe we will, but that doesn’t matter.

We do not know, what we do not know. We just fake it till then.

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