Bully Laughs

Sometimes, I feel guilty over laughing at comedy. A lot of it is mean.

The mean stuff often makes me laugh, despite the understanding that a real person is the butt of the joke. Comedy often attacks real people. I believe there is a law that lets them rip apart politicians with comedy, and celebrities have always been fair game it seems. Late night talk shows just crack jokes freely at other people’s expense.

I was watching an episode of Chelsea Lately just now, and the panel was all ripping Whitney Houston’s daughter apart, comparing her to a back woods Southern hillbilly, and then made 3 mean jokes about the gap in her teeth.

Now all I know about Whitney Houston’s daughter now, is that she has a gap in her teeth.

It seems much of the comedy on late night television is all about attacking somebody. In order to stay topical and appeal to a mass audience, they pick on people we all know. Sometimes it’s somebody famous like a politician, but thanks to the Internet and YouTube, often it’s a regular person who appears in a photo or video clip that has gone viral. Regular people are becoming the nightly punch line for millions of strangers to laugh at.

TV often gets its biggest laughs by putting somebody else down. By being a bully. A mean bully.

If we saw this sort of thing in a schoolyard, we’d protest. You’re not supposed to make fun of the weird kid, or the accidental banana peel slip, but on stage it seems fine. In front of friends it’s bad to point and laugh – but in front of strangers, we’re allowed to applaud at you falling into a fountain, or down a hole while checking your phone.

All the late night shows do it. They pick clips from the media of the day and present them with a punch line. Some innocent people have become famous overnight while we all giggle at them. We don’t think about how it may have changed their life. Imagine going to work the next day and Jimmy Kimmel has just made you a laughing stalk. Suddenly everyone knows you’re an idiot.

I confess I often laugh. I like to laugh and somebody slipping off stage or running into a tree can be funny. America’s Funniest Videos has been on the TV for years letting us laugh at mistakes. I’m talking more about the mean jokes that punctuate these videos. Personal comments and jokes that cut deeper needlessly. These days I often divert my thoughts to the victim. A visual image if how they might feel hearing this and possibly experience related behaviour change from everyone.

One joke can literally be life changing.

Bullying is bullying.

The Medium used to be the Message

The World Evolves.

The medium used to be the message, but today the audience is the author.
The world is the medium and the message.

Media is finally created by, and received by both parties. The watcher is the content producer.

Reality TV now exists in multiple forms. On networks, it’s still created by producers and isn’t really reality TV, but we also have the Internet, and online – REAL reality exists. Video created by the people for the people… or for nobody.

Everyone has a truth
One man can be a church
A lie travels fast

Regular people can build an audience, and maybe even a fanbase. They often become addicted, just like reality TV stars have been known to become.

When we get an audience, we crave a bigger audience. Laughter, or worship is addictive.

Sadly, some also get famous unwillingly in this new world where it’s OK to laugh and share literally anything funny.

Slipping on a banana was always funny, to everyone but the fallen – but today the moment isn’t lost in the moment. Today we can click a button and re-live the humiliation over and over and over and even make somebody totally unrelated to the act, except they were the ones that uploaded the clip, filthy rich with 6,000,00 views, and an upbeat tune to make the fall even funnier.

A new phobia emerges!

A new fear of being caught on camera and becoming an Internet sensation overnight. The terror of being viewed and mocked by Howard Stern in the morning, or Jimmy Kimmel Live late that very night or other countless comedic monologues.

Without your permission or awareness, the world is laughing at you, as you fall into a hole in a kitchen, or walk into a water fountain while texting… or slip on a banana peel. If you’re very unlucky, they turn you into an extra funny meme and your 15 minutes lasts for weeks — ever.

A clown.

I will remember the Double Rainbow guy forever and not remember who won the last season of Survivor, Idol, AGT or next top model. I watch those shows, but I forget the winners almost instantly. I remember the STAR WARS KID and the guy that sings CHOCOLATE RAIN.

I remember the “RIDAY FRIDAY” singer much more than I remember whoever was the musical guest on SNL this past week.

World media has become as famous, or more famous than the big TV Networks, but TV is learning. They’re trying to merge the two. They bring YouTube onto the TV, and discuss the top stories, and make an extra punch line or two out of the already funny… again.

Each night we have shows that try to recap the days Internet memes and sensations, but I’m always pleased when I’ve already seen the YouTube videos or VINES or other clips that Chris Hardwick plays @Midnight or TOSH.O makes fun of this week. It means I’m current, and for some reason, at age 50, that makes me happy. I know who Miley Cyrus is, and was – but I also know Grumpy Cat and Keyboard Cat.

I don’t want to be famous.
I just want a few fans.

I helped make a better Santa today.

Warning. These writings are often streams of consciousness, and it is entirely possible I won’t get to describing how that title is relevant before the mood passes and I stop, almost always in the middle. It’s who I am. It’s what I do.

At least for now, if I were to declare a new years resolution, it would be to finish a piece, re-read it, edit it, and do something with it. Today, I don’t even tell people about the blog. I’m not sure how I feel about it.

I don’t want to be famous, I just want a few fans.

I was going to mention I’d be perfect for Jimmy Kimmel to interview, but then realized that could be interpreted that if I were on his show, very few people would know anyway. I honestly love Jimmy Kimmel and have since the first time I say a good episode of the Man Show.

I watch his show on PVR every day, and have the highest respect for his team of editors. I am shocked he didn’t get an award for special effects. Some of the work on that show tops Forrest Gump.

I can’t remember if … wow. I drew a blank on the Mexican’s name, and know that If I refer to him as the Mexican, that my previously humerous blog may be tainted by my supposed racism.

If I remember his name, and I will, I’ll edit the blog.

or not. I’m not proud of the usage, but I won’t blame it on being “in a writing mood”. I really just drew a blank. I can see his car, and his sketches. I’m having fun trying to figure him out. He seems very smart and in on the joke at times, and other times, just funny for the character.

I don’t trust his reality fully. I’m beginning to trust Uncle Frank’s reality, and am bordering on it being sad. My father would have a hard time inflating a soccor ball, and it’s not pretty.

It’s part of the stress that brings me to my writing moods on a weekday.

Not the whole reason.

I’m not sure why I rambled about Jimmy Kimmel in the middle of a blog that was supposed to be about something else. I guess I just got a tinge of lottery fever. The idea that my entry in the spinning barrel of Kimmel mentions every day. They may have a guy who looks into it.

I would.

In fact, I do. Google tells me every single mention of Frogstar that has newly appeared. I love it.

My fan-ship is sincere of Kimmel. He and (another comedy fake news show) are my two daily sources for social mockery, government updates and put downs, and a demographic style of humour I just seem to like.

And respect. I really can’t believe nobody is talking about how amazing a lot of the effects are on your show…. err.. that show. Sorry… imagined Jimmy reading this ass-kiss on air. Whoops. Now I’ve made them fine him $500,000… or maybe $12,000,000 because it was Monday.

(feel free to edit that to your appropriate air date)

P.S. You’re looking better in the suits. Not sure if it’s you, or the suits (grin)

I do not LOL unless I mean it. I respect the LOL.

(I’m not actually a LOL type person, but I’d like to change the world when you interview me. I want LOL to mean you laughed! I want to know when I make people laugh.

LOL means smile today. Back when I was a kid, LOL meant you laughed.

Well, maybe not actually. I have no idea if the first person to use it was laughing. I’d like to think so, and it’s better to sell the point if it seems sincere.

I chat a fair amount. As a BLOG reader, you can chat with me via any of the instant messenger protocols or via my WebcamXP chat link. I’m not sure how I feel aboot the world knowing I have webcams on my 24/7 except sometimes.

That’s more of the famous, than the few fans. The webcam has the potential to be creepy or worse, but so far it’s just provided enjoyment. People chat me from all places and all walks of life. There isn’t racism, or fear, or lack of confidence. You’re not jugded right away. You have the chance to be interesting before I’ve ruled you out.

That was missing in society. The willpower to wait and see if incompatibility is superficial. We don’t think about it the same way as compatibility. We can sense a certain level of compatibility within 3 minutes. Speed dating doesn’t help us fine our best match, nearly as much as it allows us to rule people out, very quickly. We know who we don’t like a lot faster.

But what if we ignore that more often. I’m sure some good people do. I see evidence that the majority is in the negative. We do it. It’s what racism is based on. Pre judging based on anything.

I understand some of it we’ll call obvious and file under the category of “things that go without saying” which should link to my theory on that. I’m just not sure if I’ve written it yet. It’s an oldie circling my head.

So some people you rule out faster than others. It may be simply a visual or physical issue, unless guilt forces you to look deeper. I would guess that some people are matched with less attractive people, because at first site, they were mature enough to know there are more important things to a good match, but also possibly a tinge of guilt that you don’t want to feel shallow, but MAN, if I could get a better looking woman, I would.

That may be what cheating is all about. It has never been an emotion of mine, but that may very well be a lie. I hate lies, so I try my best to never do it, or at least if I do, then admit it pretty quickly.

Secrets bug me. I only have one that I keep, and will lie about, even if there is no particular reason. I try to not let it effect who I am, and how I live my life. It does.

To be honest, I’m not 100% sure my peers don’t already know, and just keep it as my secret because that is what a good friend might do.

I’ve had a few.

I’m not gay. My secret just fits the profile.

Every so often I seem to have to mention that, partially because of the Howard Stern Show. I’ll be honest. The thought of kissing Howard’s Ass similar to what I did above with Jimmy Kimmel did not come to me till after I wrote his name. The fact is, I am a Sirius Radio subscriber and have been for some time. Before that, I downloaded his show daily from a secret online source.

In fact, that is my secret. You can stop speculating now.

I listen to Howard Live almost every single day. I have a long history of morning radio starting with Pete and Geetes, Scruff and Geetes, Scruiff and Eddy, Scruff and Gene, and Jesse and Gene.

Howard Stern is the best of the all, usually. He knows. He can’t please everybody, unless they just worship him blindly. They’re called the superfans or whack pack. I’m just a fan. I’ve never been a “long time listener, first time caller” but I wished I was everytime some doofis calls from Canada.

Do me a favor Canadians… Say you’re from Quebec… or some American State.

Americans will hate that Statement, but any fan of Stern should consider it tame.

There are two things that… three things about Stern.

He is the greatest interviewer of all time, and I believe, that if he tried, he could do just that for the rest of his life. I’d be he talked to Barbara about it.

I bet Stern gets and evening interview show on TV some day… and he takes out very little, but doesn’t scare bigger stars. He’ll cool the sex talk, and still be excellent.

Some would say it’s the sex questions that make the interview.

Some, maybe. Starts don’t mind squirming if they don’t look like idiots for not wanting to answer, and they don’t.

What were the other two?

He has created a community, unlike any other show.
he doesn’t always refer to it, because nobody copies it so well.

all tv people banter now. dj partner teams do less bits and more chatter, but nobody really showed you a life of characters like Stern. He is a sitcom at times, as much as any other on TV.

Sam Simon wrote a sitcom for the show as a project. It was OK. It wasn’t old time radio compelling. I liked the idea, and I understand it was fan service, but it wasn’t sit down Thursday and listen quality. The idea however, occurred to me that that might have been the front. Th facade. Same Simon was actually hired, to write the Howard Stern show. I have always had the utmost respect for the quality of at least half the bits on the show, but I give full points to the soap opera – or sitcom if we use the same term, that is between the bits. The part that hooks us, without realizing.

If you ask 10 people in different demographics what they like best about Stern, I would guess most will have a solid answer. There will one thing they mention as a response. I have no way of knowing, but I would guess many would mention the bits, the songs, the phone calls, Fred, Robin, Artie or whatever. I imagine a much to small percentage list; the show. The characters and the story line. I want to believe Sal is real, and Richard is real. I believed Benji was. I believe Howard picks real people, but I also know they’re trying to hard to be freaks.

I would respect if I found out it was scripted. I respect it live or directed too

I would imagine the super fans will be split. They seem to enjoy being split.

The biggest fans are never happy. Its weird. They’re less forgiving of a man who has many styles, well played within one man, intentionally hated by many.

A not so pretty, but not to ugly to have a model wife, admitted crazy man with issues bigger than mine… and a lot just like mine.

If I find out Howard Stern Radio Show is as real as Larry Saunders and people smarter than me have known that all along.

The ignorant believe that writers are handing jokes. I’m still not sure what Artie does as a writer… or Benji. If they make Howard look good live, I’m not surprised they’re exact job is vague.

I really didn’t notice a style change in who Howard is when Artie wasn’t there.

Maybe he’s just the male actor. The community needs a male demographic that isn’t Howard or Robin, and Fred is just like an actual sound guy now, only part of the show when the argument is planned. Some are more obvious than not.

I don’t want to deceive. I still believe the Howard Stern Characters are real; people in real situations, and that most of the stories are true.

My World Philosophy of course is all about stories, so I don’t care if the stories are not all personal. I know celebrities but Stories. Kramer taught me that a few years ago.

Before anybody used racism as a weapon to destroy. Back then maybe it was commies, but for a different reason. I’m not sure we’ll calling that fear racism. Maybe they have a different word for it.

There was a third Stern thing. I forget it now. I am near my end. Or my first end anyway.

If this is your first time reading an evening’s rant by me, I’d like you to know they’re not all this random. This is the blog for a special mood.

Thoughts transcribed.

For a transcript of this blog, please look up transcript.

I will now min i dream, and eventually panic that this blog is actually read by anyone related to either show. By admiration for both is sincere, but I have never seen this kind of fame as being positive on your shows. I’d never know whether I was good famous, or Keven Famous.

William Hung famous is more broad appeal unless you watch Kimmel every day.

End of Part 1.
Saved to the Internet for a change. Usually these ones don’t get to be public.

Not that you should feel special. Like I said, it’s 2007. I’m trying new things.

Fun Bonus Fact: Cigarette sales go WAY DOWN in January and are normal again by March.

I learned that on a site called Gullible.com and therefore do not take any credit in case it’s just a lie. I’m not always good at spotting them.

I just bought some Nigerian land. What do you think?

I need to admit, the use of aboot was a cheap laugh, not a funny coincidence error. Americans seem to like that one.

Just before sleep, I remembered: Giamo.