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There is a new CSI reality show on TV this season.  It breaks from the traditional CSI,  mainly in that they do absolutely no CSI work.  They are FB! ‘s CYBERCRIMES Division,  but they go a little overboard on what cases consistent CYBER., at least so far.  I’ ve blogger my opinion elsewhere on the Pilot.

Today I started thinking about what a CSI team could actually do with today’s CYBER technology.  We’ve I often learned of new technology for crime fighting,  and many of the gadgets would have Batman’s head spinning.  Sometimes I believe them,  like DNA and fingerprints off flesh,  and sometimes I don’t,  like scanning a room with layers and matching all the fingerprints.  It’s hard to know what to believe on cop shows.  They’ve never really gotten computers right.  Ever.

But the true reality,  is that our world agrees to share far more than these exaggerated technology shows tease us with.  If databases were accessible,  Microsoft,  Apple and Google have everything. 

Between Windows,  Skype,  Mac’s and iPhone and Google –  nothing is a secret.

They know them all., or least have the potential to.

Despite everyone claiming they don’t store this kind of identifiable data,  and even if you believe them,  it’s all there –  for almost anyone to steal and save.

If Microsoft cared,  they could read all my WORD Documents,  all my emails,  all my web searches and sites,  when I am watching TV and what I am watching.  They know how much I pause,  and when I go to the fridge.   With my Smart watch,  they know when I’m active,  when I’d sedimentary,  standing or sitting,  or laying down.  They know when I shower an when In sleep.

Between the phones and the desktops and the laptops with built in cameras,  they know what I say,  what I listen to,  what music I like.  When I have company and who they are.

They have a complete digital record,  either of everything I have ever said into my phone,  or –  if you believe,  everything that has ever happened within about 200 feel of my phone,  and every phone that is on.

They know where I eat,  and if networked or paid digitally,  what I buy.

They know how much I tip.

They know who I come within 10 feet of,  because they know all of this about those people.

They know what drugs you do,  and who you buy from and how often.  They may not know how much you paid,  unless you took the money out of a cash machine the same trip.

If they read my blogs,  or my secret journals,  they know even more.  Your dreams and fantasies and emotions.  They know when you watch Porn.

Google,  Microsoft and Apple know more than Santa ever did,  and maybe even more than Jesus knows about us.   With proper analysis,  they know more about us than we do of ourselves.

Currently,  they can’t use it in any way that gives this secret away,  so the cow shows make up their own versions., and we choose to think they’re artistic licence,  boring on science fiction.

Cops on cops shows have no problem hacking into the traffic cameras of a city in another State,  but they can’t get your email without your password.

They can bring up records about you,  but nothing too real.  You don’t want to terrify your viewers.  People are already falsely paranoid.

It’s worse than you can dream.

In today’s online world and expectation of privacy,  criminals still use instant messages and journals and schedules online.  We choose to believe this isn’t happening,  and to be perfectly honest,  it may not be.  My point is simply that is is possible,  and from what I’ve seen of people,  it shocks me far ore that it isn’t being abused.

They admit to much of it already.  Our online usage is tracked and for sale.  If you visit a page on Tiger Direct,  a web site that sells computer components,  then you’ll have to look at advertisements for that same product for up to 3 weeks.

They known whether to send you ads for meeting people,  meetings editors,  or meeting homosexuality.  They know our ages,  and out patterns.

Is it really unreasonable that somebody isn;’ breaking some rules somewhere,  and adding the code to watch out webcams and record our screens and memorize our keystrokes.

If virus tools didn’t alert us,  we’d never know if we had a virus.  How easy would it be really,  to make a virus that doesn’t do something stupid and obvious.

I have an app installed on my phone,  called Google Goggles.  Essentially,  every opioid I take,  gets sent to Google,  scanned and analyzed.  It then sends me an alert with a noise and a vibration,  letting me know it has matched something.

It sends me links to all the logos that appear in the photo.  If a coke machine is in the background,  I am presented with the web address for Coke.  If a piece of art hanging on the wall is recognized,  I am send a link to information on the artist and the painting.
If I take a picture of a building in Pioneer Village,  I am offered links on Pioneer Village and Pioneers in Ontario.
They hope to recognize plants and animals one day.

This is a neat feature,  and I use it to show off my needs side sometimes,  but the idea that everything I take is evaluated,  either by a human or a scanner,  I understand how global an idea that is.  I am aware of it because I clicked an icon to allow it,  but it could be doing the exact same thing either way.

Somebody in a room might get a ping if I am taking a picture of a bomb,  or a stolen car,  or a dead body.  Bing Bing.

We have this vague feeling that the NBA or whatever Akron of Government is involved,  that if we are to write certain words and phrases too much,  or email or blog or chat transcript will be evaluated.  In many ways,  this is leaked to actually provide comfort.  We’re doing everything we can,  in order to listen in,  I mean,  save us from terrorists.

Some believe they may even have killed 3000 people on September 11thm, just to get the rights,  and have people say YES instead of HELL NO.

It’s not a stretch to believe all of this., because the glimpses they show us of evil geniuses is worse in real life,  than it ever was in Bond’s world.

People don’t alway try to take over the world today,  but knowledge is power in any world.

I can’t begin to image what things the wrong people can do with this data,  but I choose not to care,  and not live with that fear holding me back.  With the possible exception of being robbed while I’m out because they know my habits,  I don’t really worry what can happen when strangers know too much about me.

In a way,  I am not afraid of people no noting it all.  I even have a web cam on my works space where I can be watched by the public.  I’ve had it almost 15 years. There are good uses for this tech. 

I end by saying I may not actually believe this level of data collection is happening today,  but I do not deny that everything I’ve said is possible.  Data is smaller than we think,  and everything I do can be shard and stores.  Much is.   Apple now even has your fingerprints to top their files off,  and with accelerometers,  they know how you walk.


This is the world I live in today.  Tomorrow can only bring people admitting to more and more,  saying sorry and getting 6 months probation,  or no jail time. 

They know too much.
Knowledge is power in any courtroom.

End of Part 1.

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