Ed the Sock; respect.

I recently learned from first hand experience, the meaning of the current culture to say the word “respect” in the middle of their sentences. Somebody did it to me, and I suddenly got that it is a modern day showing of respect to somebody at that moment, sort of like people who say; God Rest His Sole and cross their heart whenever they menation the name of the dead.

Like that, but for people who are still alive, and watching.

Carol Burnet was my first exposure to the idea of celebrites sending secret messages to specific people in their audience.

It is a time saver single word, often accompanied with the tribute to the old ways, they touch their heart, and then for reasons not yet known to me, throw up two fingers… maybe peace, I’m not sure.

The point is, saying RESPECT seems like a great idea. I’m all about pride in my philosophies, and that can be taken as sincere somehow.

I like it.

So… I ranted about that for so many paragraphs instead of starting my blog with; Ed the Sock, respect.

I had a life chaning moment back in Ed’s history where another friend of mine, were in Ed’s Newton cable station, brainstorming show ideas. He wanted to give us a show badly.

We had several good ideas (in our minds) but I balied. I don’t remember my mood at the time or reasons, but it doesn’t come as any surprise that I couldn’t leap.

It was 100% what I wanted at the time. My dream. As close to being a writer on Saturday Night Live’s staff was ever really going to be.

I was there… He was doing Ed the Sock and we helped out a bit, and were offered to be a part of that world… A world I had dreamed of since forever. I used to make films and skits with my neighbours in front of a box with a pipe in it shaped like a TV camera my mDad made.

8mm film was still silent and $7 a roll plus processing. Reserved for holidays.

I still made a bunch of films I would die to get back. I have the soundtrack. My filming partner kept the film. There was no real way to make copies back then.

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