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I understand why

I understand why:

TV shows have live bands as often as possible. We have learned from American Idol, that a few seconds on TV can result in sales. Commercials are starting to learn it’s just as good to have a sitcom star use TIDE brand washing detergent is actually more valuable than commercials.

Referral sales are the best sales, because people come to you with built in trust.

A celebrity that uses TIDE means a lot of people will use Tide. Their TV friend recommends it.

When we shop for washing detergent, we have to make a choice without being an expert. It’s an instant when you choose to buy on price alone, or by brand. You know full well that all of them will wash your clothes. If you choose Tide, it’s probably because you liked an ad, or orange. There is no other reason. You have trust in the HUGE company to make the best product.

I believe it is, or on par… which isn’t saying all the brands are as good. I believe they can be as good, but intentionally create products designed to be inferior, in order to create a real class, worthy of your choice to pay the premium.

No Name is manufactured to be poorer… in almost every case.

Some will no doubt argue that some of the products are amazing. I would understand if this means they mingle with great choice to keep the average up. That’s a great idea.

By the way, I think they do the same with clothes. Price buys a distinct quality class. You can spot the rich. Designs have to change to set a second level. But there are mens shirts that are designed to be cheap.

They sell at Zellers and Walmart and recycle at Goodwill.

To the rich, they’re like class uniforms. They identify their peers by the clothing.

And the personality I suspect. I doubt I could pass, even in a $5000 suit. I’d be outwardly uncomfortable I suspect, at least at first.

I don’t really fit in within my class that well. I am one of the many who survive mostly alone.

But enough about me.

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MIND TO BLOG (probably taken, and a good Blog)

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Water Overflow. What was I doing before that?

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And so it continues..

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