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I was a bit early

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I was a bit early

Actually, I’m on schedule but the three remaining birds that are last to go back to the coop in the evening are still out. The rooster and his two first officers.

So I sit up at the front seeing if they go inside in the next short while. You don’t seem to have noticed me yet even though the door to the house makes them really loud slamming sound that I continuously forget to prepare myself for. It’s been doing it for 2 years but that’s just the way my brain works only remind that it when it does it again.

It’s with the last day of slop for the pig and I was a little short so I went overboard. I added all the slop but also added a bunch of treats including three almost fresh bananas which appear to be his favorite. If yesterday feeding is anything to go by, It’s the strong smell I need to coax him out and to the feeding ground..

Yesterday was actually quite a delight. I walk into the chicken coop and all the chickens and rooster are up in their perch. I put the pot underneath the pigs nose and the fun begins. He comes alive, snorting like a wild bore. I hardly had coax him all and before I knew it, he was chomping eagerly.

If tonight is even remotely similar it’s definitely the banana that makes the difference. Tonight’s delicacy also includes a variety of sugary cereal which it probably shouldn’t but, hey, it’s a pig.

… Shit. Tonight’s meal is definitely a concoction by me and I thought I heard the real farm owner coming in and an hour early. No doubt he would have a lot to say about this meal. Luckily it wasn’t him and the rooster is out of my immediate path trying to try and sneak my way too pig without getting attacked by the rooster.

He and I have kept there just himself for the past few weeks but he does love to be in my way at the door because he knows there’s not much I can do so I just wait.

Whenever I try and do something sneaky, I get justified my paranoid because it’s the kind of thing I can get in trouble for, and I don’t like getting in trouble. When I’m worried, I’ve become even more clumsy than my usual self. I almost fell, and I knocked a painting off the wall.

According the the most recent rules, I should have the dogs with me to help keep the rooster just out of way untill the pig starts eating bit they were just out for 45 minutes at 430 and sometimes they just don’t feel like making the journey down the stairs and outside with me during this 620 break because master comes home around 7 anyway

If he comes home early. That’ll be another lecture. In this case, if the fucking bird is smart and still outside the door waiting, then I’ll probably go fetch them and my escorts, bit they never really stay with me, and detentions rise between the rooster and I, there is a very real potential one of the dogs will go at it to show I’m protected.

In truth I see no evidence of that. If it was their master they love to show off because there’s two of them and they compete for his attention and pride but for me they’re pretty tame dogs. I never really have a problem.

In fact over the last few days they’ve been showing me I’m not in control. They delay coming inside or coming outside as long as they can just to make it clear they’re not following my arms they’re doing it because they want to.

Animals can be smart but they don’t think we are.

It appears he’s going to wait me out lingering in my path to the coop and the pig. I will have to take my defence stick and make my way, but that leaves the rooster behind me in a better position. It’s hard to keep him on my sites at all times while holding a pot of food that is quite heavy.

I should have brought the dogs.

High anxiety. High potential for me to fall and spill slot over me nowhere near where the pig could find it.

I would cross my fingers but navigating with the stick and the good is already hard enough.

As I walked to where the pig eats. He was already out and walking around wondering why his meal wasn’t there. That made it easy.

Sometimes you see animals do something and you don’t know whether it’s on purpose but you wish it was because it’s just so precious. I doubt the pig is capable of high level passive aggressive thinking but I just witnessed it showing its dominance over the rooster. Although it’s clear this is pig food, the rooster and his two lieutenants start eating right away. The feeding dish is unusually close to a bit of a wall. The rooster is right in the path of where the pig is entering to eat.

It shuffles into position but not without edging the rooster into the wall where it is trapped for a moment. It escaped by flying up but it has nowhere to go. It’s a big pig.

This tiny bit of drama made me smile a huge grin and I intentionally stayed behind a few extra minutes blocking the rooster from exiting my way while his other four sides were blocked by furniture and a pig. He didn’t get to eat as the pig continues to jump away at the delicious but probably not healthy meal.

Although I can’t confirm it tonight it does seem clear that the smell of not quite fresh bananas need one that reaches farther than any other smell and he loves the taste.

I arrive back in my bedroom by 7:00 p.m.

I may or may not interact with him when he gets home. I don’t go out my way, or in fact, out of this room voluntarily to avoid the possible mansplaining lecture that might be otherwise ignored or at least postponed untill the weekend.

End of farm report for Tuesday

Update. He arrived home at 7:08

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