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I’d like "this much fame please" part 2

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I’d like "this much fame please" part 2

I used this title before, so this may be considered a sequel I suppose. The language of today that fits. This week I had some meetings with potential partners on projects.

I kept debating in my mind, whether I want to be a focus, and jump into possible fame, or stay out of the limelight, and just do it for the money.

I’m torn between needing recognition and not wanting it at all.

Excited by a new future where things happen and I get to react, fighting against the fear that I won’t like it, and can’t run away. We see what happens to those who try to run. We take pictures of their baby in Africa.

You can run fame, but you can’t hide from fans,
or the business in providing fans

Anybody can have a few fans. I just want enough to get $1000 a week after taxes and my server paid.

But I believe I may be a good person to market. I am unique enough to be interesting, if I wish to share my life with a high bidder.

I sincerely believe I am not the William Hung of ideas, believing my self importance is real, and being laughed at.

I want to be laughed at, but have a lot to say.

I just don’t Know how to express it best, and whether I want the fan it may gain.

I don’t want to be sued.
I don’t want to be stalked.
I don’t even want my parents to know.

That’s a hard one, and a story for another day.

Me: as the puppet and the laughing singer. This link won’t work after this month; October 2006

That’s my day job.

Web design, not selling cars.

I admire car salesmen. It’s a cool occupation if you believe.

Enough ramble for now.

End of Part 1.

If you read this, or any of my 3 blogs, I’d love a comment. I write to nobody, but would love to know one person saw it.

Or told a friend.

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