I’d like "" this much fame please.

I am afraid of fame. We’ve seen the Internet give more than 15 minutes to a kid yielding a broom overnight. I’m not sure I want that. I’m content with having the people who visit my Frogstar site to enjoy themselves while they’re there – and maybe tell a few friends… but as much as Frogstar is a personal site with hand picked humour, it may represent me, but I’m still not famous.

My hiccup cure was #1 on google for a while, and my Chat game “It’s Your Fault” has a limited following that fades. I made no impact like Jump the Shark or AM I HOT OR NOT.

My collection of All Your Base Are Belong To US might bring new visitors, but it’s not mine to be proud of.

I use fame as a block to doing better things. I tell myself I don’t want to make Frogstar better yet, because I’m not ready for that. I’m not ready to pay for hosting a site that gets a million hits. My site gets a respectable 5000 users a day. I’m content.

I think people have a different level of the fame they’re comfortable. Teenagers grow their friendster or myspace lists to feel famous or popular – virtually.

Fame is hard. Real fame. Avril Lavine fame. Britney Spears fame. They may be tired of it sooner than the public will let you.

Internet fame fleets unless you work at it, so at least that’s a good thing. Internet fame is short. One round of email exchange, huge hits, and then occasional reruns now and then, but for the most part, it dies quick.

I bet STAR WARS KID and ALL YOUR BASE still get Google inquires, but today it’s ANGELINA and ROBOT CHICKEN

We’re growing as an Internet culture, but we still like to watch people get kicked in the nuts on YOUTUBE

I don’t want to be that famous guy either.

I just want to make people happy, and get credit. A smile, thanks, and a $10,000 paypal donation is all I ask.

If I get famous, I’ll hire somebody else to do my chores – the way many famous people do.

Sometimes I think I’d like a driver and a person assistant. I think I’d like the people around me telling me I’m great. I might believe them.

Sometimes I think I’d hate it. Added pressure to be entertaining would be the stress of all stresses. Like when a bad blind date says; BE FUNNY… Few are up to that challenge.

I’m not Kelly Clarkson, but the world’s blogs and forums are filled with Simon Cowels.

Gladly. I don’t know how celebrities can stand it. I’m willing to be who makes it to STAR status depends as much on their skins being thick as anything. Only a special type of person can be Brad Pitt.

I never liked him actually, except in 12 Monkeys he was great.

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