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If the World changes along this path, the entire world of crime could change.

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If the World changes along this path, the entire world of crime could change.

Right now, we still have an official war on drugs.  We have to show some progress publically now and them arresting criminals.  Showing arrests is important. In some ways, more important than actually arresting people.  We need the public to know we occasionally have a successful arrest.

It seems we’re actually OK with criminals getting high, because they’re easier to catch.

We create just enough bust publicity to keep anti-drug people happy, as long as it wasn’t anybody we know. 

As in almost all aspects of life and crime, I’ve always been OK with other people being punished if they get caught, while at the same time, assuming I never will.  

I don’t think I’ve ever assumed I won’t get caught. At the very deepest bones in my body, I am always afraid of getting caught – at anything. In many ways, I believe my entire personality exists, because I am terrified of being yelled at, or being caught being wrong.

Basically, letting people down is a kryptoinite to my emotions. It sincerely crushes me, in varying periods of mourning.  Some people I let down so much, I have to divorce them from my life.  I quit friends I disappoint.

As a 51 year old, I often fantasize of how my life would have been different as a submissive partrner.  There were a few friendships I dropped, but I wonder if I’d stayed friends.  When my best friend entered college and got his first girlfriend, we parted ways.  Today, he is currently one of the grestest magicians in the world, depending on what numbers you’re using to rate.  He is certainly one of the most prolific creatorsd of effects and routines of any other. He just keeps creating, followed up with lecture tours, books, DVD’s and online streaming magic.

He isn;t famous, in the rest of the world, but in Magic, you’d be hard pressed to find a Magician that didn’t know, at least, the name.  His web site sells more magic than a lot of magic stores, virtually all original. (asterisk: a safer statement than guessing one way or the other and being wrong.)


The original topic, was the discuss the idea that crime could change – overnight.  We have been made aware now, that an agency has the ability to listen in on phone calls.  IT is irrelevant whether this is even true, because at the very least, it allowed us to know it’s possible, and we’ve seen enough epiosdes of every cop drama series ever, people can listen in on phone calls.


Texts, videos, snapchats… anything.

It can all be recorded on avults somewhere to be sifted through the instant you become a person of interest – in anything.


Even if this is not happening today, it has the effect that some percentage of people will beige it already is, and the rest will have no problem believeing the eventual leak, and apology that may or may not have all been a planned way to expose.


In a court, they may have grounds to say there is no expectation of privacy in 2015.  The Internet knows absolutely everything there is to know about you.  A file somewhere could easily be capable of knowing so much, including the speed at which I type, my style, and my voice.  I have spoken enough into my phone over the past two years, or forever if you consider the entire coinversations could be saved in a file with little effort.

Indeed, I have no expectation of privavy, but I do understand that currently, they’re still denying it for another while – until they figure out a plan.  I believe they can’t use the info they’ve saved to procecute me, only to defend me… no. that isn;’t what I meant.


Something special has to breake the seal, that isn;t contained on those files.


la la la… side thoughts come and go.



The point is – at any given moment, the government could make an announcement. They’ve already tested the “talk to all canmdians with a message” alert system, brought back because our government scared us into believing it was needed again.. like we were scared of nucs like the 70’s bunker making craze… or wa sit lkate 60’s ?


Attention.  As of today, your personal records can be searched for any crime.

Bingo.  Every text message you used to buy drugs, contained location and voice confirmation.

Guilty. Next case.

Or other crimes.  Beyond missing a stop sign today, I don’t reall brake the law… except when I buy drugs.


It scares me evrey time.

And yet – I’ve foolishing been blabbing about my new found love for online drugs, making myself and my purchases probabkly quite easy to spot.  A simple keylogger would do it.


Beyond that, it woldnot suirprise me in the least if our computers shared everything they ever saved with Microsoft or the highest bidder.

All WOD docs, blogs, texts, snapchats and even Bitcoing / Dark Net purchases.

A search of my online activity to be fairly easy to track me down.

Esoecially if they have scannable faces, provided by all those web sites that require a face snapshot of you to put on an app or video.  Meanwhile gthat mug shot canm be linked to your online profile and used for fake ID or anything rfeally.  Certainly to provide 100% proof that username blank is also username blank.

I can run, but I can’t hide my online presence.

That’s why I’m so terrified to share my blogs in the public world.  It wouldn;t be so bad if I knew people would only be positive, but the truth is I have no idea whether anyone could read this style of streaming consciousness.


A few years back, I taught myself how to think at the skpeed of my typing, rather than being slower than my spoeed of thought.  I think as I tyhpe.

It shows.  I don’t ever like to lok up and see the errors, because they are distractions that could lead my focus away from the article… as you’ve aready seen many time above.

I call my side thoughts zeppelins.  As in; OH LOOK!  A ZEPPELIN… new topic transition. We’re suddenly talking about something else.

end of part 2. (video p1)

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