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I’m 44 and I like Pop Stars

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I’m 44 and I like Pop Stars

I am sympathetic to that YouTube Chris guy who briefly got famous by posting a rant with a cry about leaving Britney Alone. I kind of agree. But she confuses me, because it would be easy for Britney to go away if she really wanted to.

Her lyrics seems to say one thing. Her actions, another, and the media a third. They’re all different and I don’t know who Britney is.

I used to think she was a cute teenager who got on Disney’s Mickey Mouse club, and was popular enough to go on to be a pop success… I didn’t care if it was her choice, or her stage mother’s choice. I liked her beats and her looks and I was a fan.

I’ll admit I had stopped buying CD’s by that stage in my life, way outside her key demographic, but my MP3 player had her hits and I’d listen to them when nobody was watching. I’d seen her videos too.

Some of her lyrics seemed to hint that she was being controlled and living a life not really her own, as I know many Pop stars complain of. She tried a few different styles and we were led to believe she was given a little more creative freedom.

I still liked her music.

Then the wedding thing, followed by a number of other crazy stunts and I defended her in my own mind as a smart girl who’s decided to go the Madonna route and stay in the press through antics beyond the music. As it started to get a little crazier I realized it was an addiction, and she transitioned from Maddona style publicity to Michael Jackson style. People started calling her crazy… but they still bought the albums or downloaded the hits.

Britney still held top 10 positions on Google’s most searched list. Her movies tanked and people started to dislike her publicly.

For somebody born and bread as America’s sweetheart, that must have hurt… but somebody told her no publicity is bad publicity, so she started marrying people, hunting for a reality show, and desperately showing us she was just a home town country gal… almost hickish.

I still wanted to give her the benefit of being smart, and designing the press… but it was hard.

I’m 44 and none of my friends listen to top 40 radio. Obviously they know Britney, which is the plan, but they know her as a crazy now, and couldn’t name a song since OOPS I DID IT AGAIN.

Her recent album has new lyrics that hint she’s unhappy. Her actions seem to hint that she’s so troubles she’s testing the waters and looking to be arrested. She’s like a depressed non famous person who may resort to cutting or hurting themselves for attention, except she’s got the attention… just nobody to talk to and be friends with.

Britney has no community support it seems, and so she’s a lose 16 year old in an adult’s rich body. She may welcome death or jail some days… and yet, if three days go by without being talked about, so goes out and flashes her Va-j-j to the press or crashes her car.

Its hard to understand.

Her new album isn’t poppy or upbeat. Its ballads on Top 40 so far (just two singles so far) but I miss the old Britney who made me toe tap and bop and dream of being her boyfriend.

I want to go on YouTube and scream LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE but I fear if we ever do, she’ll just go out and do something worse. We can’t leave her alone. She needs a friend.

I no longer thing it should be me… I’ve seen she’s not my idea match on her reality show, and her choice of second husband… but it should be somebody.

Maybe Nick Lache can help her.

Anyway… enough ranting… I’ll unpause my SPICE GIRLS reunion show on TV and continue watching British Pop Stars who are a little more grounded… if I am to believe.

And I always like to believe.

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