Evolution Ramble

I would personally find it quite humorous if the future of our civilization allowed for the theory of evolution to continue, as it once did.  Society has intentionally slowed evolution, by mixing races, and coupling for life, which reduced births and population growth.  Humans don’t evolve like we once did.  I think we slowed evolution on purpose. 

Some humans would have us believe evolution never existed, and man has always been man.  They ignore how short we once were, or how quickly we died.  Even those who believe in evolution seem to think it has stopped.  Humans evolved to what we are and stopped.  

Some animals mate for life and some animals take several mates.  Humans are TOLD we are supposed to pick one mate, and make a go of it for life.  Only recently this idea has been challenged to the point where we TRY for life long mates, but get the chance to try a few times if we choose poorly.  Still, with a few cultural exemptions, we’re still told to have only one mate at a time.

I wonder… If the stories they tell are lies, and the concept of our instinctual coupling is fiction, then maybe one man, could get a town pregnant and evolution is fast.  Church, and stories convince us society couples, formally forever.If we study humans as we do snakes — or any other animals, we would see humans like an overpopulating parasite that destroys earth.  

If five or 10 million years pass, even if we survive, we will evolve, but even more cool, is that other animals will too.  In the future, the next monkeys will need rights soon.   I’m not sure if it’ll be the power of speech or tools or logic, but any animal could evolve given enough time.  

Monkeys first, then, a billion more years and mice and rats get the opposing thumb boost to compete.  

Every century, we treat a few more groups as equal  

I’ve always wondered why humans don’t have breeds and sub species like every other animal on earth.  I suppose it was a choice to call us all equal for the equal rights thing to catch on.  We are taught we should treat all people equally, even though history has shown us we obviously don’t.  I feel confident most smart people understand humans are not equal.  Breeds and species do exist and some evolved to be better at life in their environments than others.  I certainly agree we all deserve equal treatment, but we are not equal.  

If humans are studied like bees — then some of us are queens; some of us are drones, and some of us are Jerry Seinfeld.  Drones that strive for more.  

Some are red ants and some are some are army ants.  

The part I find funny, is how so many people don’t get this.  Those who do, get the concept take a decade or two to convince the people that don’t get it, and then we give a new set of people equal rights every generation.   Before I was born, we’ve given equality to slaves and blacks and women.  In my lifetime, we’ve seen immigration expand, and we’ve tried to convince everyone to treat Mexicans and other foreigners as equal.  Next maybe we’ll work on creating equality for the homosexual community.  

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