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Is discussion a spolier?


Is discussion a spolier?

Possible Spolier for The Good Place. a sitcom about the after life.

I wanted to tweet and post some thoughts on a comedy I’m currently enjoying weekly on tv. I noticed season 1 is also on Netflix now, and word of mouth is good.

I surprised myself tonight with a spontaneous realization lightbulb moment at 2am while laying in bed not falling asleep.

Two Actually, followed by a bit of surprise it took me this long to figure out a possible ending. I’m not sure if that makes me feel happy or sad actually. Clicking on this link will open a new world for you. I get a somewhat equal pleasure from figuring out a great ending, and then a second pride point and moment of pleasure seeing I was right, and still enjoying how it played out. If I’m wrong, which I often am because my scenarios tend to be over thinking the alternate scenarios that are just in my brain.

I wanted to post my story theories public but I stopped. I don’t want to call out the plot twist ending before it’s even aired. Suddenly, I realized I do that. It’s one of my sins. When watching tv or a movie, I’ve previously blogged about how much I enjoy thinking on multiple levels when I watch something.

I love figuring out who did it. If somebody is in the room watching with me, I’ll say it out loud. Many times I’ll be right and in essence I was spoiing the story for anyone near me that enjoys watching a show as it unfolds.

If I was right, it’s really no different than yelling out who won the sports game you’re watching or who wins Survivor. It is an evil I never really fully understood until this moment.

More frequently, my ideas would be wrong or even way off, but I’d still blurt them out without regard to those just trying to watch.

It’s hard for me to watch things with somebody, and stay quiet. I double my joy when I share. In my mind, every time I was wrong about a story scenario, I’d consider it a bonus gift. Almost as if I got to see two shows. One, imagined in enough detail to enjoy the story in my head, and the one the writers chose to tell.

I try not to compare unless I think mine was significantly better. I suppose it’s fine to discuss a wrong scenario after the fact… But in today’s world, there is no after the fact.

Although it can be irritating at times, overall I am happy our new streaming world allows for anyone to enjoy some of the series I enjoyed but they missed.

We can certainly talk about things we’ve both seen as friends. I just have to learn not to blurt. That might be too hard a life change, but I can certainly not post in public to Facebook.

Side zeppelin. My Google keyboard is going wonko tonight.

Finally… The revelations, which I sincerely hope are not so blatantly obvious to everyone else that I appear foolish. I don’t want to be like the guy that tells you Liberace was gay.

I expect a few D’uh comments but not everyone.

All it takes to keep me happy is one good fan.

1. I wish I’d posted before the latest episode where Eleanor is clearly the one he cares about, but it’s obvious she was always the only one he cares about.

She was the only one of the four that had a moral dilemma. The only one with a story of guilt and secrets. She was the only one with any reason to suspect anything.

So I realized, what if the entire thing is just for Elenore?

Then of course, the lightbulb turns to many as my imagination fills in the story.

Bam. The other 3 really are not even horrible people. Mildly annoying perhaps but actually, right from episode 1, they’ve been quite nice. I can’t believe I never noticed it.

Cheady is one of the nicest people you’re likely to meet in an afterlife. His fault is indecision and a lack of confidence which renders him unable to choose, but when he does, it’s the nice answer that hurts the least. That’s a mental health issue but certainly good place worthy.

Bam. Wait. The other 3 are all traits we can relate to. The rich snobby fake one is also super nice from day one. Her personality is flawed, but she’s certainly not worthy of the bad place they keep describing. They’re bad place is extreme and over the top. Jason may be an idiot but he’s the scarecrow with the wrong gang. Jason was never worthy of the bad place.

Elenore may be relatable in parts, because I think many people have been horrible people in moments. Over our lives, perhaps many moments. Certainly by the standards of their fictional good place.

If the other three are analogies I don’t know if they are humans too, or guides. The entire show may be the actual norm. It is your after death test. Perhaps the same for everyone or just for Elenore.

It seems clear. Episode after episode we all really only cares about Elenore. She was tested over and over. She had three tutors especially chosen to compliment her traits  but it always had to be her choice. The others were either designed or chosen to not be of help in that way. Cheesy, Jason and even Janet could support but every plan, every use and every solution had to be, and was always Elenore.

I’m shocked I didn’t notice that. The other three never felt danger of not being in the good place at all.

Ding. Oh wait. Jason did. I forgot, but that was more just to give him a reason to be one of the four. I’d like to see them be real, but selected pawns never really in any risk.

I’d be content if the series ended in the town Micheal created, or some good place where they all live happily ever after as the 5. Janet included.

It might end with Elenore getting another 10 years on earth which would certainly be the writers easiest ending for a story essentially about the controversial concept of heaven.

I need the ending to be such that everyone watching doesn’t leave with the feeling like they would certainly not make the criteria of heaven.

That would suck. It’s otherwise a very cheerful story. I thought I would not like season two but they did it.

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