It’s Your Fault

Every time I hear somebody on TV hiccup, I wonder if the writers have seen my web site. I have a hiccup cure listed, and for a while, I was #1 on Google. It’s free and easy and works really well for about 80% of the people who try it. It’s lost ground to less successful cures that cost money, because that’s how the Internet works sometimes.

The other source of pride from my web site is my invented childhood game. It’s called IT’S YOUR FAULT and it has a small following of fans who may play it a few times, and then give it up. I do however, sometimes fantasize that it could be a popular game through time.

Today, I saw it played on TV, but characters from a popular prime time network sitcom.

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER played my game today. To be fair, this is a stretch, fabricated by pride in my own mind. They didn’t play my game as much as I dream.

They just wrote an episode by taking a fault, and progressivly, almost in tern, tell detailed stories of how this faul;t could not have occured, if it were not for – followed by passing the blame to somebody else. First, it wasn’t my fault, it was Barney’s fault, because he ran the Boston Marathon. Then it was Marshall’s Fault because he bet Barney he couldn’t do it, and then it was her fault, and then his fault, and then this guy pushing the airport luggage carts.

On an on with no repetition or craziness. They followed all the rules expect they had to actually say what it was that happened, but I forgive artistic licence.

I wonder if they visited my web site.

Pride Beats Shame, hands up!

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