I’ve still seen all the commercials!

I’m a perfect example of a guy who loves his PVR. You may know it as the brand name TiVo…

I watch hardly any TV live at the time it was shown. I record almost everything and watch it later.

I do this more than the average person.

The thing is, I’ve still seen all the commercials. Hardly any are new to me. I can’t quite explain why. I fast forward past most of them, but as they wiz by on visual high speed, I don’t see any I haven’t seen before.

I never minded commercials really. As a person with A.D.D, and a lover of snacks, commercials serve a valuable purpose to break the tension and attention, and allow a mental recap or diversion, and some chocolate or a Pringle.

What I dislike enough to comment, is the repetition, especially when the same ad plays more than once during the same commercial break. Its bad enough when a jingle is replayed at every break. Thats when the finger pushes the FF.

When I do see an ad I haven’t, I tend to stop. I watch, and the wiz past the same Swifer ad I’d seen before.

So ads still work. EVen for PVR people like me. I see them, and see them again in double speed.

I buy the product.

I love PVRs, but I still see the commercials.

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