Just kidding.

At today’s lunch, I was inspired to think about some pranks. I didn’t have the guts to do anything, but I must have been in some weird mood to think of them.

The first one would have been on three 40 something ladies who came in to the fast food chain,  just to rush to the rest room. One of the ladies made note of the clearly posted sign alerting everyone that the rest rooms were for customers only, and the dominant leader of the group waved her hand as if to magically make the sign null and void, exclaiming we never saw that sign.

My imagination had me knocking on the restroom door, and in a deep voice, calling out; I hope you’re going to be buying something, and then taking my seat again as if nothing happened. All possible outcome scenarios delighted me.

I did nothing.

They got away with their crime unnoticed by anyone but me.

Next up, I witnessed a foreign student roaming, and take a seat at the last open booth, passing by 4 tables better suited for a single diner.

He dropped off his napsack and placed his burger tray down and scooted off to the restroom.

In my head, I conjured up two scenarios for him. At first, I thought it would be funny if he returned from his side trip to find me seated at his table across from his chosen position, either quietly eating and drinking my meal as if I hadn’t noticed his plate and drink, or even bolder, eating his fries and drinking his drink like it was my own.

Of course, both these options were far bolder than I would ever stoop to trying, so I conceived a milder prank, and debated commenting to him; while you were gone, that man over there came up and licked three of your fries. It was the strangest thing.

This could possibly cause a reaction that involved far to many unknown variables so again, I did nothing but imagine.

Other group tables opened up before it was an issue, so he too escaped with no consequence.

My meal was entertaining in my mind, and then I wrote this post.

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