Microsoft Windows Movie Maker

I’m going to have to do a video about Microsoft Movie maker, but for the short version, I say DON’T IGNORE IT.

I’ve never used the MAC iMovie, but for Windows XP (and ME) users, Windows Movie Maker is an amazing tool. Shot down without a trial like so many Microsoft products, the MS bashers would have you believe it’s crap. Pirate or buy Adobe Premier, or use any one of the nice video editing programs that came with your video card or video camera.

Windows Movie maker is actually better than good, and not just for kids or home users. Well, ok… pros may like stuff you can do in others enough to justify them, but for a lot of people, the FREE and EASY MM is perfect.

It will AMAZE even the pros how powerful it is with a very quick learning curve. Tonight, a nerdy friend and I spent well over an hour trying to edit one clip in uLEAD’s newest V10 of their suite. We had to give up. It just didn’t work, and in the end, I decided we needed to try it on a different computer to see if the anomoly was specific to me. Instead we gave up and went to Move Maker.

The bad news.

My camera shoots MPEG4 but saves in .MOV format. Microsoft is the McCoys to Apples Hatfield, and won’t read an Apple invented .MOV format.

I can’t edit my camera movies in Windows.



The conversiuon tools I’ve found so far are either costly, or sucky or both.

Get with it. Shale, makeup and let me edit .MOV MPEG’S in Movie Maker.

See my video. Ask me if it’s not there.

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