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OK, Here is the deal.

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OK, Here is the deal.

I’ve probably told you about this Blog personally. I’m not sure what I want it to be. Here is the deal.

I like to write, and I think I do it quite well. I like to dream, and design, and come up with ideas, and write about them in a fun way. I don’t however, share these files. I’ve always thought ONE DAY, I’ll edit them, and make something like a book.

But I know I probably won’t. I don’t accomplish many of my goals these days.

I want to start writing to the public, and see what happens. But, like anybody else, I’d love to get paid for it. Asking money for an untested Blog is a silly quest. Even I hate the idea of paying for anything I can get for free. I’ll admit to not paying for a few pieces of software that I shouldn’t get for free, and I do have a few MP3 files back when peer to peer was still underground.

The only reason that I decided to risk failure by asking for money, is because so many people seem to be getting paid for less. Asking for money isn’t evil. It’s actually cool.

I believe that the Internet, or whatever follows it as Version 2, is the future of people who don’t want to work, to get paid. One day it may even rise above crimes like fraud and insurance fraud as the number one income among the jobless.

And maybe lotteries.

In any case, slackers who can write interesting and entertaining blogs should be seen in the same light as any artist. You pay artists to be able to he jobless. Artists are the lucky homeless… or guys living in the spare bedroom downstairs.

Writing is cool, and when I get in a certain mood, I like to ramble. To type as fast as I can, while I think. I have attention deficit disorder and without editing, my topics often change fast.

Back to the project. You’ve been invited to be the focus group. You don’t have to do anything, but I ask that you read some of my entries, and see if you like the style, or whether I’m just a crazy guy who think’s he’s better than he is.

The Blog version of William Hung.

I feel sorry when I see sincere horrible singers get on American Idol, because it means they had a circle of friends who didn’t stop them. If they’re for real – and I like to – no, choose to believe many of them may be real.

I feel sorry because I imagine a scenario of how they must live, day to day. Its hard to imagine somebody who sincerely believed they could sing – worthy of a TV sow they’ve seen. We saw this even crazier on the sister show American Inventor, with a man who went through several process to come up with the suit bag you pee in. Along the way, nobody convinced him he was a nutcase… or at least, to be fair, confused by his dream.

Or a guy who had a bar bet with a buddy, that he could get on TV with an invention, but he didn’t seem the type. Those guys with the two level peanut dish were more the beer bet type.

I believe they either served a favor, or paid advertisement to get mentioned.

Back to your role.

If you can wade through my paragraphs, and overall enjoy the style, let me know, and share it with somebody. We’ll work out the future between me, with a rambling, and you – the small focus group public, we can create a mutual way to have it make me some money.

I can’t stand that other people are selling pixels to make a million. (Great idea, wish I’d thought of it kind of anger – hehehe)

The future can be moulded. I’ll keep adding samples from past ramblings, but if the response is good, I will continue, and if the comments are good enough – I mean positive, I will be inspired to continue in public. I’ll get personal about myself, and possibly choose partners from the public to work on several side projects.

I have often thought of doing these to video, and I have lots of test footage from the past year. Some I’m still undecided on sharing.

This is the part in my writings where my mood swings because something in life distracted me while I was breaking. I should warn you.

The book title I’m going with is still undecided too, and I don’t want to mention them yet.

Darn. A form of editing I have to deal with. I can’t risk some of my ideas in public.

I have to decide whether to just ramble all my ideas and ask that anybody who wants to take it and run with it may, and work out some small compensation.

No. I can’t be that naive.

Oh… I want to edit. I want to throw in idea.


Hmmmm… It worked for Howard Stern.

He deserves credit when I think of him as an in inspiration. I hope his name isn’t as black mark as a first impression. That would be unfair, but I suspect is a reality in some circles. In some states, it’s against the rules.


Wow… I’m on a pathetic path, and I don’t like it. I am proud of the idea to Blog, but I know full well I won’t keep it up and continue with updates unless I know it has an audience, and comments with enough praise to create a responsibility. If the first personality trait you are to learn of me, I generally try to do the right thing in life, and I love to be able to help people and keep them smiling. A smile changes me physically, and I strive to create them as frequently as I can.

I don’t like failure, and being confronted with error is something I try to avoid. I am apt to cry. I know this is an obvious reaction many of you may claim to share, but I can only tell you, it hits me harder.

Although I am not sure I believe in such things, I seem to have an almost empathic nature, and I am more effected by emotions of those around me, than my own. I’m not in control of some of my spontaneous emotions, because my obsessive nature is busy working out scenarios for possible outcomes of the next moment in time. Often focused about my part of the future was, and if anybody is upset with me.

In a phrase, I live in a “please don’t yell at me” world, deep in my unconscious. I’m not aware of how fast it works, but it has stayed with me from my youth.

I want to be clear, the scenario you may have already brought into your mind, is probably wrong. My household did not have a lot of yelling. It’s something else, not to be mentioned here… yet.

Some of you will have quit by now. I want to assure you, not all journals are this long and deragmented, but they do often list sidenotes that will be better understood as we learn about the strange way my mind works, and the live I’ve lived because of it. I’ll share my idea for a church, which would instantly be called a cult because the churches really have to squash any new religions with doubt (and stupid South Park videos). New religions could serve a good purpose in the future, because community is the biggest change from the past to the future.

Any community.

By community, I mean peers who know your name, and talk to you.

A quote I want to be famous for one day;

The greatest invention of all time is Church.
The worst invention of all time was: Religion

Religion can not exist with competition… like communism. There has to be only ONE way with faith to work. A world with two religions should never exist.

I’m not religions. That isn’t to say I don’t love the topic, and I have created an idea for a church. As many of my ideas are, they’re bigger than life, but doable by somebody other than me.

Unless you ask, and it becomes a responsibility. As it turns out, I may solicit project managers and share some ideas for do-able business projects. I have a list of lots. Some big projects, big enough for a company like COKE as a summer promotion, and some small. Ill love to know how to partner with smart business manager kind of person, and build ideas. Mostly I need somebody good at creating TO DO lists and then seeing things get done, sometimes with a budget to pay somebody else, and sometimes to get me to do it. The reality is, it’ll probably be you, till money for staff is available.

I am content to share more than ha;f the wealth for the right person.

But that’s whole category.


Members get to suggest what Jeff should do today.
5 webcams on me all day (by the way)

I can’t believe I didn’t say that earlier.

The Jeff Adventure Game.

I’ll share my life in LIVE CHAT evenings if you want me to. I’ll answer email questions online. I want people to suggest what I should do each day.

We’ll get to know each other through the BLOG.

Aha… this is the part of my writings where I take a small idea, and make it WAY TO BIG top even try. It’s the problem. I need a partner just to finish my thoughts and start things. I can maintain and support and am smart enough for the decisions, with council and debate. You know my weakness. All you have to do is yell, and you get your way (hehehe)

Possible Title:


So… you’ve seen a sample. There are two or three other posts here which were written before I decided to go public, so I may have to go … nawww… Go with them as is. They were written online, so I think they’re safe.

So. Now I want comments. You can email me at or comment in public to the Blog.

This is an interactive project. Suggestions and comments are welcome.

I am really excited now, because once again I see a future scenario where I can start actually doing some of my ideas. I know I’ll get some AMERICAN IDOL style people with crackhead ideas, but I have faith that, between the spam robot casino entries, I hope to start a personal relationships with a few of you.

I’m not asking for much. I never do. I ask for enough to buy TIDE and eat steak once in a while at a restaurant with the word STEAK in the title.

I enjoy the KEG or Le Beefteque (however it’s spelled… I should edit.)

The previous plugs were non paid praise.

My class allows less than $100 for a good dinner out.

I did two blogs (so far) tonight and I forget which previous thoughts I am referencing. My favourite comedy technique is on a history between the reader and I. Inside jokes so inside, they’re in the same blog. Comedians who get a laugh with their closing line on a reference to a previous bit. We have a history together. A community of two.

That’s why TV mentions are big. What’s HUGE? Internet web address mentions. They don’t know it yet, but every mention of a web address on prime time gets hits.

I believe every inventor on AMERICA INVENTOR will be selling stuff online soon.

People want to buy from friends.

PLUG: One way you could contribute to my oversized ego (which is fake), would be to buy my first book. It’s for sale HERE: and online free HERE:

I warn you. It isn’t really worth it, and not anything like this style. It was written by me when I was 16, in high school. I was inspired by Steve Martin’s CRUEL SHOES, which was a horrible book I bought because I was a friend of Steve Martin and wanted to support him… It was a MUST HAVE book, and one of the first I read for pleasure. (My reading history is an entry in the blog)

It also contains 10 or show skits I write for a show I never produced, but my dream as a high school kid was to be a sketch writer in a troop. I never followed up, because I couldn’t find the right partner. Instead, I was second fiddle to my high school friend Jay Sankey (forward in BOOK and a famous magician) and his magic hobby and photography with Jeff Lorriman, who went on to a successful carer as a photographer, and the yearbook with my friend Phil Laitar. He works for a printer now.

Computers was my least favourite at first… but Steve Boysen and I became good friends, and had secret after hours access to the two Commodore PET computers in the library. We learned BASIC and together (mostly him). We wrote and released three PET games to a shareware pipeline. In my head it was a success. For anyone from Acton in my time period, they may remember BYE BYE BIRDIE, LOGO 4 and SLIDE 5.

But BOOK is from a different time. They’re short monologues that were all written as pretty much unedited first drafts, while I was in high school math or marketing class. Any purchase would almost be a pitty donation, and I’d much rather paypal than the minimal profit of BOOK’s sale. It would be cool to sell one though.

I think 80% or more of the humour holds up, it’s just not my style anymore, so my low self esteem has convinced me it’s not worthy.

A reverse American Idol syndrome. A gem that doesn’t know it.

The Internet is great for self praise. You can knock off some respect points for being self proud, but still like what I offer. All I’m asking for today is interaction, comments and ideas.


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