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Over to the Dark side

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Over to the Dark side

Star Trek had a message of hope for the future, but Star Wars is right now. Every single day, thousands of kids decide to go to trhe dark side.

Society makes the dark side easier to join, free, and instant community. Faster than baseball team members or ski partners. Crime brings you together. Trust and a caring relastion is how it looks.

I have thought of the dark side on more than one occasion. As a obcessive judge oif myself, I know I couldn’t take it. I’d be afraid a lot. I don’t like being told off by a boss, I’d be crusged being arrested.

Or the much worse scenario, I’m the one the good guys approach to be the spy.

I’ve watched to many movies, but that’s a bad scenario.

I’m weak. I would be torn up and sick, but I’d tell to save myself. I always have. Ill help you as much as possible, without putting much effort in, but I won’t risk me to save you.

Is that wrong?

So I refrain. I have to live vicariously through crime TV for what cxould have been.

I bet a lot of people dream. It’s probably right behind the “what if I won the lottery” dream for standards.

Or maybe just me.

Is that so bad? I never cross the line, but I sure like to think about it.

That is what scares me. I’m me. There are a lot of people out there who are not me. I wonder what percentage of the population have commited one crime… and speeding doesn’t count.

Most wil admit shoplifting. I didn’t.
Most will admit at least skipping clases. I only ever did for Yearbook work

I can’t do any crime that hurts another, and I’m for making frauid the highest crime.

Stealing through trickery is worse than stealing through purse snathing. It changes you forever, and you lose the illusive, but socially dependant sample of trust.

Trust is in trouble in this decade.

We’ve lost trust in email, which may overall be a good thing, but we’ve lost trust in contests and bank letters and so much more.

We’ve lost a bit of trust when it seems eviul is the norm.

Nobody cares.

So the Darkside offers much. Money without labour, pride, friends, scary stuff and dicipline. A better job training in many ways than the army… in a gang.

Gangs are the new church.

If only they could use that power for good, and not evil.

What if weed became legal, and gang run.

People would still die.

Still, oddds probably better than the army.

I am not saying kids should join a gang. I still believe crime is wrong, and happiness can be achived without it.

Star Wars style. Either or.

Just say No.

At least, not today.

The NOT TODAY philosophy got me through my depression years.

I’m not with the dark side. I just shop there.

I’m not with the dark side, I just party there

I’m not with the dark side, but I love the free tours.


You don’t have to be my son, to join my on the dark side


I don’t understand. We never had sex.



If you use (steal) a TShirt idea, give me credit. If you make T Shirts for a living, I want to talk to you.

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