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Part II… but it’ll be before

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Part II… but it’ll be before

If I understanbd the way blogs traditionally work, new people will be reading this entry first, and then the first one second. My style of writing is going to be backwards.

I feel like the season opener of LOST. They know they really want new viewers, but they’ve got a lot to catch up on before the opening credits.

Maybe it doesn’t matter. Maybe every new blog is a Chapter 1 after all.

My first BOOK, called BOOK, a No Name Generic Product (available on CafePress) had the distinction of being designed to be read start to finish, back to front, or from the middle both ways. Each page was a anicdote or monologe on it’s own, like the stand alone episodes of Star Trek. None made reference to another. But the story of my life shouldn’t be random access, should it?

Maybe that is what makes it speciual. It is random access. It’s thoughts and ideas written down as I think them, and they don’t really have an order. People who like the style will read more.

I promise that each entry will contain a few T SHIRT ideas, concepts, and a bit about who I am.

Since I have learned I best exist in the world when I reacting, and if possible, assisting, the better.

My business does not promote, or expand. It only reacts.

In the long run, I’d love to seek help from the masses. Maybe find a partner, bsuinss or social, and change my life. But all I seem to be able to do is write the ideas.

If you can make me react, we could have a future together.

Mayb e I shouldn’t have said that. I don’t want to have to fight off fraud. It is the one thing in life I fear most… being made fool of by fraud. I want to believge I am above that.

But I see it evfertywhere, and in a comic book villan kind of admiration, I can’t say I don’t repsect the level of evil that exists in today’s society.

Crime is however, a major employer, so it must exist.

If you think they’re holding back the cure of cancer because of tyhe job loss, think for a moment that they’re keeping crime on purpose.

The cat and mouse of crime vs crim solving is big business.

And so is war, but that’s for another essay.

You’re starting to see. When I am alone, in a writing mood, my mind goes all over the map, just as if we were having a conversation.

When you’re alone in a room, conversation is often confused with crazy.

Comspiuracy theories are just called conversation when you’re not alone.

I have opinions, well thought out in writings on lots of things.

Ask me a question.



I should have a disclaimed on the blog about the T SHIRTS so you don’t hbave to read Blog 1 every time.

My T SHIRT SLOGANS are copyright Frogstar, but free to use with credit or a link or a photo.

My scripts and monologues are free to use in any form, with crediut and a link and an email after the fact.

My business ideas are mine. Contact me if you want to run with one.

I probably won’t use if they’re stolen, but I’d love credit anyway.

T SHirts

I don’t want the kind of fame
that doesn’t come with respect


Honesty: I ahve not had my first break yet. This was all continouis. I tried to stop, but couldn’t I am forcing myslf to stop now.

End of Part 1

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