Prepping Us

I used to dream of a scenario where aliens had landed in Roswell, or before. I used to think; how would the world be different, if that were the truth. Then, I look for signs in society that hint that it may be, using this story.

The way the people who know the secret, prepair the world for the time when they can admit it.

Fiction and history have shown us time and time again that we’re not good at handling such drastic change. We need to believe in our various Gods and explanations for how the universe works. We can’t be told it was a lie, or a misunderstanding, and that god doesn’t exist, or is different from our history lessons.

I estimated a 50 year plan, starting with slow integration of the idea. First hints at the idea we are not the center of the universe. Other planets may contain life, confirmed vaugly by science, but not so certain as to topple the churches.

We start seeing aliens in fiction, and on radio plays, or TV. We test the market with a hoax radio show. Then, in television and movies and comics, aliens come in all shapes and sizes. Friendly and dangerous. We explore all sorts of possibilities in fantasy.

However, the act tames the idea. Through time, we begin to wonder if the stories could be true, and if maybe life does exist elsewhere. The next few generations will be expecting the news; the truth. ALready conspiracy theories abound online about the signs that this story may be true.

Almost demanding to be told a truth we want.

Not all of us of course. We’re not ready to accept multiple God stories we can’t prove. I am certain a new version would be unwelcome to many. Religion has never worked when you knew your neiughbour had a different story. We’ve always killed those we couldn’t convert. We still do.

We still are.

They can’t tell us yet, but the bfiction improves. Gets more detailed. Prepairs us for less humaolid aliens and more “out there” possibilities.

I think it was Sagan who said something like about there being more in the universe than we cam concieve, but doubly so. I wish I coulkd remember the quote, but if I zeppelin off to lok it up, I’l lose my train of thought. That’s why editing exists I guess.

The second portion to this blogged opinion, and the inspiration for the writing, was that I sat down to watch the first episode of THE DRESDEN FILES, and it occured to me.

The exact same scenario can be played out for paranormal, and I encompass it all under the categeory of “the unknown that exists without proof”. I guess that is a good example of faith. If I include everything from magic to phyicic powers (which includes a lot of its own categories), I would say that something beyond my knwoledge exists. It’s clear.

At least, current pop culture and fiction is leaning me that way. Of the 10 or so prime time shows I enjoy this season, an alarming amount are based in this world.

Dead Zone
Ghost Whisperer
Dresen Files
Smallville (A stretch, but people have powers)

I may even have forgotten some. The world is trying its best to convince me this is real.

But slowly, without bothering the people who still need to believe it’s bunk.

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