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Rage makes me laugh

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Rage makes me laugh

Writing a blog everyday is a different project than occasional blogging. The responsibility to sit in one place and just write is new, and on day, its already become an irritation. I knew I’d grow to hate it soon enough, but I expected to get past day 4.

Note: written on phone. Posted without review.

In any case, I committed thus morning in my 10 second video to writing about how funny anger us, so at 740 at night, sitting outside the Toronto fall fair midway, I write this.

Rage makes me laugh.

Since before I can remember, I have hated anger. I grew up with a loud father that had a temper. I feared loud. I still do.

I have always avoids being angry, so I didn’t lose control and become loud. I lived my life forgiving and giving in to avoid a fight. I have sustained reasonable success.

This aversion to anger has given me a unique perspective to seeing other people’s anger and rage.

It can be hilarious. My definition of rage is spontaneously irruption anger. Most rage is an infuriation at something, and quite often it isn’t real or close to worthy of the rage.

The funniest by far is road rage. An irrational anger thrust on often undeserving travellers who either made a mistake or just happens to be in a place inconvenient to your plans. Road rage cracks me up, and if you let it, it’ll make you laugh too or at least smile. Seeing other people blow a stack over something so common and normal is just plain silly.

Thus all started this morning while on the way to an onsite client visit, I was driving through the rich area of town where people only drive high end cars, or they’re the service industry.

This older lady, maybe in her 60s but with a fresh salon quality haircut is turning right onto the main roadway I’m travelling. There are three lanes going our direction, and the right law she’s turning into is free. In a moment, we detect she isn’t so skilled, and her right turn will need more than her lane, but also a wide margin spilling into ours.

This is of course, a complete normality to any regular driver. People take two lanes to make right turns all the time. However, and this is where I get to the rage that us funny to me.

The truck in front of me lost his cool, and honks. Not a toot toot notification honk, but a full pressure lingering rage honk. A honk that was an audible swearing.

Zeppelin side thought: cars should have two horns. Nice No angry.

Now the idea of a truck honking is not too gut busting by itself, although almost all horn honking is funny to me, but the Hilario is part was the woman’s reaction.

The lady in the Lexus, although clearly in the wrong, became enraged at the trucker for getting angry at her.  She started waving her arms in the air, as ragers are known to do, and silently screaming at the driver, as he swerves to avoid her and speeds away in a huff.

She then notices me in my car, holding back my laughter with a big smike. Our eyes lock and I now my head as if to say; Some people.  I always agree with both sides of any anger fault. It feeds the fire to agree.

Next, she actually rolls down her window to talk to me, her witness. My smile has made us friends.

She says; what was that all about? So he goes around. Jeese.

I drove the rest of the way home with a big smile on my face.  It’s not that other people’s anger specifically makes me happy. I’m not enjoying theur mystery at all. I’m mocking it.

Zeppelin side thought: hardly anyone rolls the window down anymore, and certainly not any Lexus driver ever. Another old term kids don’t understand.

When you think about the idea of road rage, you can’t help but agree it is absurd. People can jump from zero to 11 in the blink of a brake light, and turn red and bust a vein, because of something so minor and commonplace as a turn without a signal.

Of course I’m not befitting real traffic ass holes and idiots. A lot of people crash and die because of careless and bad drivers, but the most common road rage you witness is lane changes and minor offences.

If you drive with a yeller, you know what I mean.

Note: do not laugh at them when you’re in the same car.

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