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This blog is a mixture of writings when I was high.  Sometimes, very high.

Orange Jeff is an alias that I use in the alternate Universe I spend time in known as Second Life. More than an alias, Orange Jeff is a persona. In that Universe, I am openly a drug user. Drugs exist in the 3D Avatar Universe with graphics and scripted routines. They’re just for fun, but are represented fully for role playing purposes. Orange Jeff lives the open drug life I never did.

I am not only open about being a drug user, I’m vocal about it. I wear clothes with pot leafs and talk about drugs any chance I get. Since the existence of second life weed joints and others is unknown to a vast majority, it has been my favourite way of getting beautiful women’s attention.

In Second Life, people don’t seem to use buying a drink for their interest. However, casually asking if they’d like to get high often yields a conversation, meeting and quite often, sex. I was delighted to meet some kickass fantastic looking women through the group “Whores for Drugs”.  I put out an offer of some new drug, and they appear.  Sometimes they’re not my style, but often they are high quality, attention to detail gorgeous avatars.

I’ve come to learn that often means a man did it. I suspect all, or most of the whores for drugs are men behind the women avatars. None of them want to go voice.

I have yet to have voice sex without paying for it.

I kind of procrastinated again. My joy of finding a community and become a regular has had some false starts.

Realisation: I have never really been a regular anywhere.

I don’t have the patience to stay if I can’t figure out how to mingle and cross the threshold of acquaintance to a friend… or love interest.

You have to work at a new friendship like a garden. I don’t.

In the Second Life, I’ve not found the right group to hang out with yet.

I want a place like I had, but we’d organize the events and regulars. A howdy neighbour community to call home.

I never know what I want.

If I could hire my way to a stoner version of dirty sex voice lounge, I would.

The sexy stoner vaper lounge

Market outside SL to stoners. Real life prices before you enter for quality avatar and clothing.

Personal hosts and hostesses teach you everything in 3 hours,

women speak first

q: is it ok to show the value of lindens?

Sudden end.

Ahhh.. chocolate returns to start the day.

Ahhh.. chocolate returns to start the day.

I don't remember falling asleep last night but it must haven been reasonably quickly. I opened my eyes 10 minutes ago and rolled over to see my orange clock. It wà 5:45am. A bit earlier than I prefer but I've learned not to risk going back for the second sleep at this...

Rare dream content

Rare dream content

I woke up at 5am and went back to sleep. I had one of my less happy dreams before waking up again slowly at 6:38. When I say less happy, I don't really mean a nightmare. It's more of an anxiety stress dream. It hits my buttons. I was late for my opening day as manager...

Old man behavior

Old man behavior

I was going to start this vlog with the game, second life. That was my whole opening line. Second life. It occurred to me that that's the kind of thing old men probably old women at some point start to yell out random words like that. This could even be what some...

Heightened Awareness

Heightened Awareness

A few draws on the pipe. Huge clouds. A giggle and an enhanced view. I remember this. Every woman looks prettier. I smile. I wish I could break into a conversation with anyone. Just to talk. To talk rapidly probably. I'm in the fast mode. I'm not used to the pipe. I...

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