Survivor controls it’s Universe

Reality shows are not reality. That’s not a new statement by any means. However, it’s neat to see how a network or producer can make good TV, and stay within the confines of what they call reality. They don’t script things, and they claim to not change the outcome, but they can change the rules.

A food competition for a tribal council challenge with one group that hasn’t eaten in four days or more seems like a bit of an edge. The luxury, full and content team may not be as motivated. They’ve won two or three weeks in a row.

I don’t mind. I like good TV. I’m not even sure how I’d feel if I found out the whole thing was scripted. To me, good TV is more important. I watch Survivor because I believe these are real people, and I’m fscinated at how the interact. I fast forward through the challenges sometimes, and listen to the personal interaction parts.

I love watching people be themselves, and surprise.

I don’t so much need to watch them eat pig snouts.

As it turns out, they didn’t win. The same teams loses again, back to back to back. It changes the game again. Still good TV, but you start to worry. If the underdogs don’t win, you’ll soon be wishing it was scripted.

I’m not saying misery isn’t good TV, it’s just not good TV over and over and over again. There is only so mucg we can watch. The underdog should rise. That’s what we expect. We won’t like reality TV if it seem to unreal.

The editors work overtime. I keep watching, season after season.

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