Bankrupt AT&T

Could apple bankrupt AT&T ?

If people have a choice, I am led to believe that a lot of people, perhaps almost every iphone owner in the USA would rather have an iPhone on a better network than AT&T.  Many non AT&T users might switch and become iPhone users if they didn’t have to leave the network they are on now.

It seems to be the biggest reason people compalim

The iPhone in the USA is great at everything but making or keeping calls

But that’s just my judgement based on what I personally worked out

I know why the recent apple press event didn’t mention other cariers, despite rumours

AT&T need to sell the exclusive V4 and iPod HD for a while before you give comsimers choce. They could lose milioms.  But probably won’t. People have brand loyalty forced apon them by the boss.

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