The Audacity

I may ramble more than usual tonight. I’m in a good mood.

First I want to try to blog about my Audacity story, but as you’ll learn, I go off on tangents. I call them Zepelins for anyone who’s already on the inside loop on that term.

I was going to do a video blog tonight. I’ve been experimenting with them, and although I have not had the nerve to release them, I secretly wish I could.

As the story goes, this has been an OK day, despite losing a tooth and missing an appointment.

But, as luck would have it, I am cameraless. My Kodak V550, which I usually use is left behind in Bolton, a two hour drive away. My Song video camera is missing, at least to me now.

I tried to borrow a room mate’s Nicon, but it’s video mode is limited to 1 minute. Nicon would like to be state I have no idea what I’m talking about, and even if it were true, this is an old model and in no way reflects the capabilities of new Nikons, still a great name in cameras.

So… it occurred to me, the possible blessing in disguise, and the idea of NOT doing a video, but instead, rambling my views and news into an MP3.

Comedy MP3’s worth listening to, the day after.

I could do 2 hours of ramble, and be a morning drive audio file.

A podcast, if I’m still legally allow to say that.

Nothing new, but a revelation to me that this could be possible.

I don’t want to be famous.
I just want a few fans.

(My first T Shirt) Please don’t steal the ideas.

Back to the story. When I decide to do an audio ramble, I go to the go-to audio program I know and love; AUDACITY

It’s free, and I hate Adobe.

Not Adobe the company, but I do lot personally like they Adobe interface, although to be fair, it’s mostly because I started on the Amiga, and came to PC via Jasc.

I go to – a fine company having nothing to do with the program, but smart enough to know 98% of their traffic is a wrong number hit… so they link.

This is where my imagination takes a zeppelin time out from that bet hought, and jumps to an odd delay on the link. It is sitting loading, for what modem users would call slow. (That’s the old old slow system mommy and daddy probably don’t even remember.

I do. 300 baud was the fastest the phone line could do. A mantra we heard upped year after year.

Today’s may be the first generation to not only expect the future, but wish it would hurry up and get here.

Generations before mostly were surprised by the future. People bought VIC20’s in the millions. To me, it seemed obvious that this was a first draft, and they’d not be 22 character screens in less than a year. The Commodore 64 was my first computer. It was the one thing our family wasn’t an early adopter to. We had the first VCR, Stud Finder, Microwave, dishwasher etc.

But no Vic 20.

So… The thought occurs to me that the non audio people probably have to overpay for hosting, just because of the traffic… So they intentionally time delay the link. In a way, like the shareware countdown a lot of programs, including Windows XP thinks bothers pirates enough for them to pay.

Maybe it does, outside my community, people pay for software.

I have no idea if this is true, or my Internet was just being slow – as is so often the mysterious case.

The end summary, is that I had to wait, and so I wrote this. It’s loaded now and I can install Audacity; the software and stop typing.

The MP3 exists, or will. Ask me about it.

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