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The narrow taste theory

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The narrow taste theory

Ooohhh I’m excited. I get to share a theory of mine with you.

The narrow taste theory.
Classes are evolutionary.

There is no way to know what decisons we make it life are infuenced by who we are as a person at that moment, or by instinct from birth, and brain chemestry. We are not all created equally, mentally speaking.

Most of my theories about the brain are mental, but the first phsyical sign of classes could be our taste buds.

I have a room mate. WHen it comes to food, he’ll eat just about anything. I would like to stress here, that the concept of “he’ll eat anything” is probably familiar to you, casually comparring it to somebody you may know who’ll “eat anything”. I understand, and still think you don’t get how much more literally I meant it than you did. For the purposes of this theory, it is actually important to identify that his tastes are very broad. He enjoys eating any taste.

I on the other hand, do not. I have dislikes strong enough to use the “hate” word without the guilt of using such a strong word in today’s “shield the kids and make them weak” kind of world we live in. I wish I knew the date of Janet Jackson’s breast reveal so I could use it literally like 9/11. Not comparring the two in any way, but giving the reveal a day in history for signifany world changijng events shouldn’t be reserved to disasters.

My “picky” food tastes have been the topic of many a discussion over the years, and the source of many many many uncomfortable diners. I do not like to eat at people’s homes. My fear of trying new food can be irritating. In believe this is the fiurst time I’ve ever referred to my eating issues as a fear of the unknown… but that fits. You’ll learn more about me as you read future issues. One crazy disorder symptom ber entry seems fair.

But I Digress. I use this line as almost a catch phrase, but afraid it’s not original… and to be honest, it’s one of those phrases I “hope” I’m using right. I’m not 100% sure digress is what I do. I go off on tangents and unrelated memories and stories, but I’m not sure I actually digress. If I cared enough, I’d google it and edit… but I don’t.

Back to the theory.

My tastes are finer. It effects what I eat, and how I eat, and how I socialize, since food is the main event of life. We do it everyday.

The interesting thing that takes this theory past the obvious idea that some people have finer tastes, is that it’s the same in everything else, from cars, to clothes, to homes, to hobbies. If ever there was an example of the correct way to use; “It’s all good”, it seemed to be my roomate. The Oscar to my Feelix.

I started to notice it in other things when I payed attention. He’s hard wired in more ways than one to be more accepting of anything. He’s even a little colourblind, which makes many colours in what I consider to be normal, invisible.

He can’t distinguish which car is a ford for a volvo, and it doesn’t matter. He gets the discount fruit, and the toilt paper that’s on sale. It’s not always a matter of money, in so much as that he sincerly can’t see the difference. It just works out as a bonus that it means the chgeapest is always good enough.

He is a demographic.

I am as well, shopping for brand name products and “middle” quality gadgets and electronics, with the occasional splurge to make me feel more middle class. My refined taste means I don’t shop with coupons. I let brand and “middle” priced items define me.

But I really can tell the difference. I like the good tomaotos, a lot. I really don’t like the cheap shampoo, and the 3 week old cheese. I don’t really even know how old I should put there, because I’ve already known my cheese out by then.

I would throw out a lot. I remind you… he’ll eat anything. It emotionally hurts him to have to throw out food. It’s real, in his head. A strong example of how our brain can be very persuacive with it’s good/bad please/pain influences, but that’s for another whole essay.

The richer you are, and perhaps the better description would be refined weath. Calling a spade a spade, I suppose it’s best described as upper class. The people most of us only get to see in the movies, PEOPLE MAGAZINE and Entertainment tonight. Them. Not just celetrity weath though… it’s intentioanlly just a little above the normal. It’s like what we’d do if we were rich.

The real upper clkass isn’t on TV very often, but when we see it in movies like Princess Diary, we don’t really believe it is that way. I can’t tell yopu either. The closest I’ve been to upper class wealthy was cutting the grass for a distant relative of the Pabst family, living in Canada. They had the big house in the country that seemed so out of place, but owned one half of the road for quite a distance.

My main memory is that they had the grass of what anybody would describe as estate sized, and I took over the job from a friend who quit because Mr Pabst wouldn’t buy a good lawnmover, worthy of the task. Presumably, Mr Pabst was one of the “wide taste ranges”, and a cheap lawnmower would suffice. In his own mind, maybe he was doing me a favor, because I was a kid, and the extra hours would mean an extra $5 or $6.

I don’t really remember every socializing with them. I’m not sure anybody did.

This is what I do… I lose focus and go all over the place.

Oh look, a zeppelin

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