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The Orgasm Reset

To a man, being the only persecptive I can offer at this point, a non-sexual orgasm is a transition between two mind-sets. The pre-orgasm state we can call the loaded state, or cocked, if we use true gun terminology. The unloaded state, after the cum, is a different mood altogether.

I don’t remember where I first heard these terms, although I do remember them coming up again in THERE’S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY (The movie).

The truth is, an orgasm can be an important reset between the two moods, and a man acts and reacts differently in each state. For more information, contact these guys. Significantly different.

First, let me explain the non sexual orgasm. I refer to a solo act. Masterbation, but for the sake of the orgasm itself, more than just being horny and needing to release that partricuilar energy.

I masterbate at least once a day, and often more. I don’t have sex. In most cases, my masterbation isn’t even related to a sexual thought. I don’t have porn on, and I don’t have magazines under my bed. In some cases, the act is over and done with quite quickly. I use it as a tool, to move me from the cocked mood and mindset to the released mood. The “after” mood.

Women may well know the difference betwen the two. Conversations change, and men seem like different people befoew and after. Sadly for women, if actual good sex is involved, frequently the “after” mood is short lived. We fall asleep. Maybe this is a defence mechanism, because we know we’re more apt to say YES to things in the after mood. More likely to agree to doing the kind of things we’d normally not agree to.

For me however, the moods are different, and I don’t fall asleep after. I don’t expend hours of sexual energy in the act. At least not always.

It occurs to me, as it often does when I start to think in grand scale terms about life, and people smarter than me, that this is not an original thought. People have obviously been having sex for years… since the beginning it would seem, and people have obviously studied every angle of it over and over. What better career is there, than to get grant money to study sex.

This brings me, in a surprise change of topic, to the former President of the United States, Bill Clinton. A man, who became somehwhat famous for wanting to transition himself back to the “after” stage during office hours… frequently.

When evaluated from a pure business sense, it seems logical that people may personally prefer that state, and feel they function better after a release, or reset. I know I can do different things in either mode. For some things, I’d prefer to be loaded and in a state of eager attention, but for other duties, I feel my “after” mindset is better qualified.

As President of the United States, the variety of duties is vast. Greater than I can imagine, and still greater than we’re ever really allowed to know about, even if we catch every episode of WEST WING that airs. We can’t comprhend the duties of the Comander if Chief. But even without the specifics, it seems logical to me, that some would ne better served by a man who’d just been served. The “after” brain.

In fact, it seems to follow that all men would do better to accept this fact, and be allowed to transition at the required times.

Of course, I have no way of knowing that this isn’t the norm already. I live in Toronto, a city where a hand massage is never more than a 10 minute walk from any street corner in site. A city where paid sex is at it’s peak… perhaps more than any city in America.

… or perhaps the same as any city in America.

Is it possible that sexual harrassment at the office is simply the women who say No, and the rest goes on every day wthout the masses knowledge. Is masterbation, either alone or assisted a normal function of big business? If it isn’t, I wonder how life wqould be different if it was.

This journal entry was written after a particularly pleaseing mess of the bedsheets. I know in my heart, there is no way I would have been in the mood to write it just 10 minutes previous. The mood wasn’t right. I was cocked.

Now I’m ready to shower, and start my day. Depending on how it goes, I may be ready for another reset by 3… or 5… or 8.

Picture it visually as a car going up a long slow sloped hill, and then falling down a cliff to sealevel, and then going up a long sloped hill again. I think there is a greek god, or symbol of the man rolloing a rock up a hill, and then having it fall back down. If I wasn’t so lazy, I’d look it up and include the actual reference, but I’ll let my editors do that when this is converted to a best selling book on how to succed in business. Who wouldn’t buy a book that gave you permission to have a secretary service you three times a day to succedd.

I think I’m starting to like Blogger more and more.

I searched the Internet briefly for a reference to that guy who keeps trying to roll his rock up the hill, but couldn’t find the name. Sorry… Maybe that’s a cocked task (grin).

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