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I had an idea while watching TV again. I’m glad I have a PVR so I can pause, and write.

My idea was for a new kind of social web site / blog site.

I understand that a lot of creative people, lack the kind of creativity to write, simply because they think they can’t, because when they try, they have no topic, or no goal. They can’t just start writing like I do.

The THIS IS ME web site, woud have been this:

EVery Day, the SITE asks a new question, and globally, everyone writes a reply.

All the questions are about you, with a specifgic aspect of life to answer.


Tell me your story, with regards to Star Trek

Tell me your story, with regards to MAGIC, any kind, or all kinds.

Tell me your story, with regards to cub scouts, or girl scouts or any of the other variations of such youth clubs.

Then, the people would tell their story, any way they wished. Hw that particular topic has been reflected in who they are. Perhaps they never watched Star Trek, but could certainly come up with a story about not being a fan. You can’t live in today’s society and totally ignore the Star Trek world, even if you thgink the nerds are crazy.

The idea being is that you could read the answers that interested you, and learn more about people in the areas that you care about. Selective in a way unlike jujst reading Blogs and personals bios.

Conversation starters built in, and would be a newer, better way to interact. For many in life, the ice breaker, first impression, opening line is a terror. Any way that helps two potenmtial friends or partners or contacts say Hello, is a winner these days. The future will meet online and make better couples. The people that don’t agree just have to die first.

CONCEPT: The future changes when those who don’t want it to die.

TSHIRT: Wouldn’t it be cool if you could tell who was 420 Friendly, just by reading their T Shirt.

That’d be cool.

Other idea re-hash: Pimp My Friend… or; HAVE YOU MET…

I like the idea of best friends on personals. Some sites do that now, unofficially. Best Friends can talk to Best Friends… but what if best friends got to help on dating selection.

Oh look, A zeppelin. I should unpause my show and continue watching.


I am a medium Star Trek fan.

Water Overflow. What was I doing before that?

Water Overflow. What was I doing before that?

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Breaking News

Breaking News

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And so it continues..

And so it continues..

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Afternoon Feeding conflicts

Afternoon Feeding conflicts

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