This is my story, RE: Star Trek

My first memory of Star Trek is sitting on the yellow plush carpet of my next door neighbours house at 6pm, watching Kirk, Spock, Bones and the gang. I think I remember it was a Song Trinatron, maybe the one with the square pixels, although that may be a random memory from somwhere else.

I went to a creation con in Buffalo with some friends. Over the years, I went to several. I remember seeing Sulu, Crusher, Troy and I think I saw some others too. Creation stopped coming around or I stopped looking. I’ve been to the Toronto Trek once, but didn’t go in.

I remember the oopla with the permier of Next Generation.

I saw the last episode of it on the big screen at the Skydome in Toronto. At the time, it was the largest Jumbotron in the world.

I have seen every episode of Star Trek, and know to call it TOS. (The original series)
I know all the actor names, the character names. I’ve seen all the movies several times, many I saw at the theatres on opening day. All up to #6 I think.

I have seen every episode of Next Generation many times. I know some character names, a few planet names, and can quote many story lines, and bits. I watched every one live during the first run, and watched them every day for years.

I have seen every episode of Deep Space Nine, Voyager and almost every episode of Enterprise. I still watch them in reruns when they’re on.

Like most, I tend to like the even numbered films, but not out of loyalty to the curse or princiuple.

I couldn’t care less if you c all me a Trekkie or Trekker. I have seen both the Trekkies films, and more ABOUT TREK documentaries than most.

I like to feel proud that I understand Trek on multiople levels, and enjoy the characters as well as the stories, and understand what they’re trying to say.

I have fours books, and one DVD. I own a couple of freely donated action figures and a lego-like Spock, all of which I aquired free from the Internet’s Free-Cycle concept.

I guess I’m more than a medium fan.

What I do not do, is try to recruit others.
I don’t dress up.
I don’t know all the episode names or freakish trivia.
I wouldn’t win any contests.
I know people on the other side of the superfan line.

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