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This is where I’m honest, right

I’d like to think I could be honest again, because I think I’m worth a second look. I only feel this is true. When I’m high.

I did a huge thing today. I just did it.

I got high on a drug that isn’t weed.

Let me lead into that.

I have a story. I’m an interesting thinker but drugs enabled me to think I could live without people. I became my worst enemy… Alone Jeff.

I only react. I have modeled my life around the middle of support. I do everything to avoid being yelled at. My pleasure is based on pleading. I feel a good smile. It changes me. I wouldn’t say I’m weak, but I only started therapy at age 50, five years ago.

I only recently crossed over the life Hill and it clicked. I saw myself as cool. I got it. I understand why people like me.

I figured out that it’s ok to be a character player on life. The wacky neighbour character from many sitcoms that turns out to be really smart at some things and oblivious in others.

But I’m happier than I’ve ever been, partyl because getting high is where my hope lies. Where my dreams seem good, and the mean second voice doesn’t kill my joy.

That happens when I’m not high, but I don’t always notice. On drugs, I see my mind doing many cool tricks and patterns. I abakize add and ibcession. I love to think on drugs.

I am currently working out the story of my universe and my other universe. I’d love to write a book on that and sell starter universes.

The big money is in hostess and teachers to build. Imagine for 50 bucks VA perfect woman hangs out with you and gets high in the other 7niverdr.

In your universe. Your system your dance hall.
Your your adventures.

The haunted mansion and jungkevrude from Disney are here.
It’s a small world is here
Vampires and wolves are her.

It’s a new universe but if you start it, you’re Walt Disney and Amazon and so much more

Bats exist in second Life. But my idea is to not link to second Life at all. Your bar is an enclose experience… But it could grow into a full town

Since it is designed to be local, you could licence second locations on your street to match the stores in your universe.

Imagine. You can play games 24/7 with Torontonians all knight for $5 an hour or free if the add one are worth it.

Imagine you have rooms that you can rent for virtual clubs. Imagine holding a meeting you bokenterr for could be held from your phone. Tablet or desktop

Book club
Star Trek convention.
Believe it or not, there is a full scale science fiction convention with real world guests.

Note to start trek managers. I think you would do better in my universe. I can make your avatar look great and talk in sync. You don’t have to touch the computer.

It needs to be moderated.

If you open a third in New York you could licence the other 7nivrrse brands for peanuts. The programming is only done once.

You have control. You create the rules but your private island getaway in the other universe can have all four seasons with activities. Smiling, tobaghaning, snow mobiling, even with a bright yellow 2976 ski do

You can snorkel and scuba andvserf. Or hang out at an always Sunny Beach. Woodbine beach if you like.

Nude Bach.

Drive in



Cards against humanity.

Imagine being able to play a real game show with one contestant in each universe. Dating game. Family feuid, the dating game. Played live on the screens in each bar.

The limit to tollplayed adventures is endless. Imagine selling custom built universe to fans. They could quite literally live and earn an income in whatever storyline they create.

Imagine a murder mystery house. Tuesdays at 8pm, a scripted murder takes place. Tickets 20 until you see if it’s popular and then some packages could sell for any amount.

Imagine ore recorded adventures you watch like a movie for an hour. Catiured sirvufucslly to your taste, and drug. Keeping an avjdhead staring at the screen is a treat.

But avid parties.
Acid doing trip
Star gazing.

Activities designed to get people talking. Giving stoners a room full of beautiful stoners that like you for who you are,.

It’s gloriously freeing.

I have flown a hang glider, bunch jumped, parachuted and even ridden a dragon. On a blind date.

In The Good Life, the character Janet is an on call information guide and answerer to any information in the universe. With your membership we include a full time human to answer any questions.

We could even licence Alexa or a struggling non brand voice assistant.

Remember. There is no business or life activity that you can’t duplicate in a universe you own.

Many of my best ideas for this idea is to create the next phase of how amazing people can be when they get to write their own story.

Ta da. It is all part of my grand plan.

Sell a membership that includes a friend teacher. Build your own universe in ours.

Custom built universes

Magrathea is a name from the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy. Frigsyar was a manufactured unuver from the same books. The total perspective vortex is safe when you create your own universe.

Exit through the window.

Imagine the Eric’s Bedroom set.
Imagine the cafe from friends or Seinfeld
A stand up club

Did I mention how much fun a cards against humanity game with a funny host and players.

Indie theatres that run obscure public YouTube content.
A fun house ride

Sell bongs and accessories in both universe with home delivery.

Get a licence to sell legal weed by mail and supply the universe in Canada.

Any store. And product can be duplicated in both universe.

I hang out at a really cool strip clubs when I’m on e and make all the girls laugh at my jokes. It’s guvking awesome.

I hang out in an anonymous Kik chat room and it’s the first community I’ve stuck with since never. I get laughs and share my stories.

The group is delayed chat so you get sports of conversation rapid speed and then hours where I said that last thing vfir hours. I try not to let that fuck too much with my mind.

The connections are intentionally less deep.

I wonder if they’d appreciate a friend when high.

I see young kids wanting friends but that’s so scary for young people. Virtual friends are safer. You buy your membership in this universe with a profile linked photo.

It doesn’t have to show anyone but admins.

I’m distracted. This is my stop.
Record in subway.
Oh yeah.. my absolute favourite idea is blogs in works as the character they play.

TV studio sets for photo shoots or shows.

Ahhh.. chocolate returns to start the day.

Ahhh.. chocolate returns to start the day.

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