TOSH.0 Inspired

A good example of how my brain works.

18338_enI was watching Tosh.O just now and hit PAUSE to write this.

TOSH.O is a TV show on Comedy Central (The Comedy Network in Canada) staring  comedian Daniel Tosh, who watches Videos from YouTube and makes fun of them.

In this moment, I watched a video of a young girl snow sledding down a hill, going father than expected, and ending up under a pickup truck tailgate, only to emerge laughing about it in a contagious odd, perhaps fake way.

A laugh is a special thing. Some people have horrible natural laughs that are just funny.

Kids often have a hard time fake laughing, but this one sounded more fake than real to me.

My brain works on multiple levels sometimes, and this clip got me thinking. If my kid had an unusual funny laugh like this, videos of the laughter would eventually find their way to YouTube. We are, after all, a national of mocking bullies.  We love to laugh at people.

My sense of trust in the reality of all public accidental pain videos posted to YouTube is lost. I believe people hurt themselves on purpose to create a video. Every since that foul mouthed comedian Bob Saget started giving people $10,000 for their crotch shot videos, I’ve been suspicious of the true motive and originality.

I see a video and I have to ask myself if I trust it is an original accident, conveniently caught on video, or a recreation of an event that did happen, but not filmed, or complete bogus footage with a goal of fame and/or fortune.

In regards to this video, I imagine a back story in my head, especially recreating a personal  Tosh.O “Video Breakdown” in my imagination. I guess that this kid probably really did just finish a glorious snow run, right into the back of this truck, almost exactly like we witnessed on video, but not caught on film.  Then, as is the tradition among kids who just did something cool, screamed “Again!”  Daddy then ;picked up the video camera and recorded a second take.  The laughter wasn’t original, so it came across a little forced. The spontaneous excitement wasn’t spontaneous.

Such is a glimpse into my mind. I see things on TV and take the time to create a whole story of the background.



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