USA vs Canada

I’m a Canadian, and watch mostly Canadian TV channels. This has changed since I was a kid, when the Buffalo New York channels were a major part of my day. Today, almost everything I want to watch is available on a TV channel with Canadian commercials. With the exception of A&E and TLC, I don’t really see American TV ads anymore.

I have mostly negative memories of watch US prime time and seeing mostly debt and sickness and personal injury lawyer ads. Mostly fear based advertising.

That too may have changed since I was younger.

Tonight, I watched MOCKINGBIRD LANE on an American TV channel, and saw American prime time advertising again.

The first thing that caught my attention was actually the Honda Commercials. In the USA, Honda is represented as a light blue colored logo. The Honda stores and advertising are blue, and it just looks so weird.

Honda isn’t blue. It’s red.


It disturbed me.  Then I realized this was the first difference that I noticed.  All the other commercials seemed familiar.

I guess Canada and the US are more alike…

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