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Live Streaming Webcam

Live Streaming Webcam

The LIVE streaming webcam.

People are curious as to why I might want to have a live streaming webcam in my office/bedroom. It’s a fair question and one I don’t have an excellent answer for, except to say; Why not? I live an interesting life all alone in my little bedroom universe. I’ve streamed a live webcam version of it for over 15 years, with a few periods of offline blackouts. I only started it up again in 2015, as I decided to make my private life a little more public.

This stream should be online most of the time, and I’ll be in it working or playing most mornings.  Feel free to say Hi if my chat option below is operational.  Ask me a question or insult me if that’s your thing. (It seems to be a popular option).

Note that there are more cameras on the Frogstar.TV site and some of them may contain even more disturbing acts of slobbery, as well as nudity and solo sex acts from time to time. You never know what you might see, on Frogstar.TV



Since going online my home over 15 years ago, I’ve met all sorts of new people, and some I can today call friends. They’ve watched me through several moves and roommates over the years.  I even hired one, and we worked together for several years.

Jeff Goebel