On almost FREE extended basic in Canada.

or from my TV via public access Snapstream BeyondTV probably illegal streaming, Wednesdays at 10pm but don’t say I told you so.


Episode 3 I think.

FINALLY! A theme song I don’t fast forward through. That “little boxes” jingle was a terror in reruns in my head. Like chalk on a wall, for an unknown reason.

I hated it, but I like the instrumental.

Not that my opinion matters.

Except to me.

I want to say, Keven Neilon was never a favourite of mine. As a Saturday Night Alumni,m I wanted him to do well, but he wasn’t my cup of tea.

However, like Chevy peaked with Fletch, this is a good role for him, and I love him in it. It is a perfect match.

At least tonigh.

I’m not just watching the program,
I’m watching the program, on weeeeeeeeeeed

And Jon Stewart is my daily news sourse. I am not afraid to share the opions he has moulded for me.

He is my representitive.

And Howard Stern, but I still feel shame with how that will effect my future, and that thought kills me inside.

I am not proud to be a Stern fan, and that’s his niche. It’s naughty, in a safe way… though more so without rules.

If people get that, he could be huge.

I should ask him if he ever thought of switching to the 14 year old market.

Or does he now, treating trhem like adults, who happen to like fart jokes.

Nobody does an hour with a celebrity like Stern, and he knows it.

I love PVR’s. I have not gotten past the PREVIOUSLY ON long opening yet. I guess that means new people tune in every week.

I bet TV would get in trouble, in some way, if they showed a prime time TV character get pregnant on purpose… but a guy just did it on WEEDS.

To me, that thought never occured to me, and now that it has, I have to re-evaluate how it may be effort for “man” to be nice. It’s not natural.

Whoops. Weed moment. I call them Zeppelins.

Ask me why. Oh Look, A Zeppelin is the name of my book.

Please don’t steal it and sell it back to me.

That’d suck, for no real reason. The kind of evil I’m seeing everywhere.

The percentages are shifting… nbut that’s a whole chapter on it’s own.

Back to the show.

Imagine this scenario. A parent watches weeds secretyly from his kids, but s much thinks the kids should see this episode… they’re torn.

TV teaches we should not be high, and answer the phone.

Is it an old jpke for normal people to go to far, for real. The father in the bee costume bit.

A neat game: try to get silly names in the phone book. Mr Fuckusin ?

Selia could out everything as a campaign win, and because she’s evil.

At least tonight, on weeeeeeeeed

Water Overflow. What was I doing before that?

Water Overflow. What was I doing before that?

I was sitting in my chair outside the door after feeding the animals there afternoon meal and our fish bathtub has a small leak so one of my new tasks daily is to refill it. Because it has fish in it we do this very slowly with it trickle but the hose turns on and off...

Google Docs by Voice

Google Docs by Voice

Hello, I'm orange Jeff and this isn't orange shirt blog. You can't currently see that I'm wearing an orange shirt but I'll include a photo when you can trust me that it's current. For the most part, I live in a single bedroom on my bed. I compute there eat there I...

Breaking News

Breaking News

I know what a news break is but I'm not positive I fully understand what breaking news is I had assumed that it is news they interrupt whatever you were doing to tell you about, which should be significant. Breaking news is not always significant It's just current and...

And so it continues..

And so it continues..

I was almost at the steps to the house when I turned my back and the rooster. It's usually a safe spot especially since the food is a long way away. I think you may be mad because I didn't bring out a fifth portion for him which for a while I was doing,   It's so...

Afternoon Feeding conflicts

Afternoon Feeding conflicts

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