Why is MEAN so popular?

I watch MEAN on TV all the time, but not always from the bad guy. More often than not, I see true mean from mthe comedies. Candid Camera was a little bit mean, but today’s channel surfphers need meaner.

Comedy teaches is, mean is not only OK, it’s funny enough to go out of your way with to be mean, on camera. Mean is in.

The PUNKED Generation, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this isn’t the first time Auston Kutcher has defined a generation. You may not have watched PUNKED but he got good referral world of mouth. A lot of people know what PUNKED is, even if they never watched it.

It’s Candiud camera, but mean and personal. It’s being laughing AT people, not with them, and then thinking the hurt isn’t serious.

But it’s celebrities, so we’re supposed to laugh, right?

That certainly isn’t the only network santioned mean. Most reality shows today, and daytime talk shows are designed to showcase stupidity.

I Wonder: If a lot of MAD TV fans like Star Trek because he keeps playing William Shatner. Trekkies like inside jokes.

Crossover mention: Denny Crane. Watch him on his current hit. I recommend it hightly. I would almost rank it my current favourite.

Howard Stern opening makes fun of the odd class. I often cringe while laughing.

I feel their pain.

Saturday Night Live loves to write sketches where guys get a free breast cop.

Saturday Night Live just taught parrents what MySpace is all about. Thanks.

All the sketches were aimed at a higher age this week, for sure.

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