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About Jeff Goebel

About Jeff Goebel


Long Beard Version. March 2013

tinyJeffIt is indeed a strange task, to have to write a brief biography to allow Internet surfers to learn about me. It’s not often people are forced to evaluate who they are, at least in enough detail to create a text file. The first thing you’ll learn about me, is that I ramble on in text. It’s a habit, and one I won’t be breaking here. Feel free to fall asleep at any time.

index_2Actually, my full name is “John Jeffrey Harry Goebel”, with the John coming from my father, but because nobody wanted a “Junior” or JJ or other similar nickname. I have always been called Jeff.  The Harry is my Grandfather’s name, but it’s more of an older name.  People today’s really likes to admit to being Harry. (grin)

Goebel, for those who don’t know me in any fashion other than email, is pronounced (at least by my family) as “go-bul”. Other Goebel’s pronounce it “go-bell”, “goey-bul” and “ger-bel”. Who can figure out the Germans (giggle).

n593430902_5323As od 2013, I’m 49, and live in Toronto, Ontario.

Through the chapters of my life, I’ve lived in Brampton, Mississauga, Waterloo and Milton.  All smaller towns and cities outside Toronto.

I was born in Georgetown. A small town outside Toronto, where my family has lived for all my life and a few generations before me on my mother’s side.

I attended Acton High School, a small school of only 700 students, because it was worth the drive. In school, I developed my strange sense of humour, and interests in magic, photography, computers (on the Commodore PET), and writing.

webcamaug2005Actually, I try very hard not to be a real geek in front of the computer 24 hours a day. Note from the pictures I do NOT have tape on my glasses, and I do not wear a pocket protector.

I enjoy doing things with people, and I can be convinced to try just about anything by a friend with a smile… but most of the time, I just spend viewing things. I love to watch TV, movies, stand-up comedy, plays and just about anything else. I even enjoy just sitting on a bench watching people pass by. As a hobby, you might say I observe. I am a spectator, but as with any human, my likes and interests change as I grow older and more immature.

I do not smoke, and gave up drinking almost 20 years ago, after one night of way to many shooters in a two hour period during a rather competitive round of 9-ball.   Do you know Yeagermeisters?


jeffbbIf you’d like to know more, or experience my sarcastic and emotionless cruel style of humour, send me some email with the words; “I am a twit, make fun of me at my expense”  and your wish will be granted.    (416) 580-3549

Jeff Goebel