Cute vs Gorgeous.

A lot of talk goes into how life is different fir the beautiful people. As someone not in that group I can only speculate as to the truth of those claims. I will however, admit to treating beautiful people, more specifically beautiful women, differently.

However this has its limits. I fully agree that I enjoy it when I get the pretty waitress lend her attention to me, and politely laugh at my jokes. Equally  I am pleased when the line queue gods favor me and I get the pretty cashier or bank teller as my turn comes up.

Beyond those specific situations were the pretty girl is paid to smile and tend to me, I think beauty works in an opposite way. If the first contact is left to me, I will more often, avoid the beautiful people. Subconsciously, they appear superior to me, and any uneasyness I may experience is compounded. I become more nervous to interact with beautiful people. My obsessive mind sucks the joy out of it.

Today at lunch, I am served by the waitress that jsnt the gorgeous one. She is the cute one, and the one I can more jpiily relate to, share smiles without guilt or obligation, and enjoy.

It’s not that she has to try harder for the tips, slthough that may be the case, but she cones with a more friendly level if comfort because she seems close to my visual class and station. I am not embarrasses to be myself in front of her.
Outside the waitress / patron environment, almost all of my close and
U dear friends are not considered beautiful people. Many are fat and a few might even be called unattractive. I love them all.

My people.

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