Solo Picnic

I had a bad lunch today.

Not so much bad, as dissapointing. I had plans to have a business style lunch with two friends, and we had planned on a fast food joint. Nothing impressive. Since I arrived a little early, which is the norm for those who know me, I happened to discover a MONGOLIAN GRILL in the same area.

This is a unique style restauarant I have visted once before in a diferent city. I decided to go inside while I was still ahead of schedule and see how it comparred to the one I was familiar with.

It was totally different, and deceptivly superior. I was impressed and my mood shifted from wanting a regular burger to wanting some grilled food.

Price was fair, and I was able to convince the other two. All three of us had been to Grills in other cities, and this one seemed better.

It wasn’t. It was actually worse. Oddly so.

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