Vote to go to heaven

America’s Got Talent

I was watching Nick Cannon on AGT,  when he admitted a comment, and instantly realized, or else a producer did and yelled at in his earpiece.  I think Nick Cannon just said; if you want to go to heaven, vote for these guys. I watched the facial expressions he made, with my imagination filling in the voice in his earpiece.

I could imagine phones ringing everywhere.  Back stage going crazy over this new juicy news byte. He just told everyone, if you want to go to heaven, vote for these guys. Everyone knew it was bad, instantly. It could be blown up huge if anybody wrote it to make us care.

In my head, the office caught on fire, and decided to pretend everything is normal.

I often imagine life, way harder than it is.

It’s possible nobody thought twice about it but me.

I am eager to see if they come back positive and nobody noticed.

Your heaven deciding vote is not AGT.


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